Mission rotation is honestly pretty horrible

It may just be the case because this is a beta, but currently it seems that the way this works is that every day or so there are 3 missions which are picked for the ENTIRE TIME (or 2 per difficulty). This makes the game feel insanely repetitive and gives players pretty much 0 choice in playing what they want. i just wanna grill on the desert map for god’s sake.

This honestly feels like a cheap way to try and copy DRG’s mission rotation, which works better because the rotation is hourly, the maps are randomized and there are >30 missions available at once (and so every mission type is available).

Some suggestions:

  1. Have way more missions on the map at the same time, at least double.
  2. Have a regular mission select outside of the rotation, maybe with less rewards.
  3. Have the rotations be fast, 30 mins to an hour

WEEK ONE (November 17 - 20)

  • Full access to the game hub and mission board.

  • 4 changing missions across 4 zones

  • We will regularly run in-game events (Conditions), namely Power Supply Interruption and Ventilation Purge. We don’t want to spoil them too much. We encourage you to experience them for yourself :slight_smile:

WEEK TWO (November 21 - 27)

  • Up to 8 changing missions across 4 zones

  • In-Game Events, other surprise additions we do not want to spoil right now

WEEK 3 (November 28 to 30)

  • Up to 10 changing missions across 4 zones

  • Downtime to get the game ready for wide release: Tuesday Nov 29, 202219:00 UTC


  • 13 missions across 5 zones

  • 1 New Zone (We do not want to share its name yet)

  • New Conditions (In-Game Events)


I don’t see how that answers anything; the issue is not the number of missions, it’s that only 3 are available every rotation, or 2 per difficulty since that is locked too.


Yeah I’ll have to reserve final say on that until we see all scenarios. My real issue is for QP and mission availability, the high difficultly QPs are generally just whatever single mission is up at the time. I’d like to get some more experience in against that boss on high difficulty which only seems to occur if his mission is on the board.

Yup… * 4 changing missions across 4 zones

As far as I understand we already have access to (many) missions across 4 zones it’s just that for some reason they aren’t rotating. There were a couple different missions on the first day but now it’s been the same stuff since then and it really sucks. I hope this isn’t the system we will have in the full release.

The missions on the terminal seem to have a short timer. It would be nice to replace them with a completely different mission when that timer is exhausted. That obviously ain’t happening right now. Please don’t make it a daily or weekly rotation.

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I really don’t get why they opted for this weird system where you can’t just choose whatever arbitrary map and arbitrary difficulty you want like in Vermintide. Why can’t I just queue into any map, at any difficulty, at any time? You don’t even have the benefit of RNG terrain generation like in DRG to sorta justify it, but at least in DRG you have basically every map at any difficulty you want, barring one or two (which still isn’t ideal, just let us choose for Emperor’s sake)


Yeah I thought we were going to get some new maps after this countdown. The external repair mission from day one hasn’t been back on. Not sure why we can’t have these maps (that we have played) currently rotating constantly. Even adding the first beta maps would have been enough.

It reminds me more of the Payday 2 crime . net system than it does DRG’s. And, like with Payday 2, it’s probably going to end up being something they have to back off of before too long.

The random mission selection is one of the worst aspects of the game. With limited playtime, it’s very possible to get stuck having to replay the same missions due to luck of the draw. Very flawed design.


I honestly have no idea why the went for such a weird design. Like yeah sure have a rotation for more horde, less horde, grims and scriptures but like just let us play whichever mission we want at whatever difficulty we want.

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It works well in Deep Rock Galactic tho, but then it also has access to far more zones at once.

Those maps are also procedurally generated so none of the zones get stale by default. If I hop on to Darktide 4 days in a week for a few matches and the same 4 maps happen to be the ones available on rotation, I’m going to be disappointed.


Agreed, really no reason to not have more missions available. The mission difficulties lock you out of most of the maps on there own… Want to play this map? Too bad, can only play it on diff 1…

Randomly rotating affixes I’m fine with.