Can we please get a better mission selection/rotation/randomization/something?

Seriously, people have been talking about this since the game came out.
Why should I have to wait an hour or more to get the mission type that I need for a penance?
Why is the system providing a bunch of missions of the same type?
When six out of seven of the missions at heresy or higher are all raids the system is broken and really needs a rework.


All it would take is making it so that there couldn’t be more than one of a particular mission type at a particular difficulty with new rotations weighted toward missions that have the longest time since they were last available.

There are two mission types that aren’t available at any difficulty currently…

What’s hilarious is that several of the Mission Types, despite the fact that the contents of new missions fit them exactly, seem to have been ignored. Archivun Sycorax is a perfect Investigation Mission. The forge mission is a Repair one. Both of these are not what they should be.


You’re absolutely right.

And when new missions come out they take up one of the slots even further reducing the choice of missions for a long time. The mission board just sucks in general.

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i have literally been bxtching about this since march of last year. its comical and infuriating reading my posts over this.


This is exactly why I just run Quickplays… the mission board and all of the random sets are garbage. So if I don’t really have a choice anyway, I might as well just roll the dice on Quickplay and get more resources.

I assume that the system is meant to limit server load on loading assets etc. and increase player matching by limiting total maps available to be similar accross difficulties. Aka, usually diff 4 and 5 will share 2 of 3 missions.
Why they don’t just make two or three brackets and then allow the server to set the difficulty based on player matching I do not know.
Same, really, with modifiers. I usually avoid high intensity, as it just gets tiring and isn’t the type of difficulty to look for, so the only Auric I usually play are Maelstrom, but I don’t particularly care for LI, either, so having 2 of 3 diff 5 with LI (meaning a high likelyhood when going QP) is also a sad state of affairs.
I just keep assuming they originally had a valid reason to do this system besides “someone in management/analysis/marketing thinks this is good because DRG/some other coop game uses it”.
Not that I wouldn’t like it improved.

I don’t understand why we can’t have the same mission system VT2 or Payday 2 has, where every mission is accessible with a few exceptions and we can choose the difficulty we go in with.

While we’re on this, why can’t we get weapon attachments and retexture our clothes? It’s already been proved that it’s possible thanks to mods.

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I continue to maintain my stance that I have maintained since launch that the mission board is dogwater.

There may be a million and one reasons why they are doing it they way they are doing it but it still will continue to suck so long as you can run into a situation where you get the same dam missions.

Nothing will make me think “oh boy, toxin refinery, I’m glad I played this 20 times today” where as missions you need for penances just sometimes don’t appear.

If the missions say least had more variation (blocked paths, different sections of cover, traps, environmental hazards, side objectives, etc) they could pull something like this off but as it stands it just stinks of trying to force a weirdo MMO Dungeon system.

I’m not asking for something like random gen DRG Caves or a tile system from Warframe but at least do something that isn’t just “we put the loot in some different boxes”

It’s frustrating when you can’t get the mission type you need. I think Fatshark is aware that adding more missions of each type can alleviate this issue (We just have to hope that the missions are not all going to be of the same type).

Meanwhile, if you’re keen on playing specific missions, mods like Many More Try and Solo Play might help. If you happen to like MMT, check out for a convenient way to select missions. Someone made this into a discord bot that you can add to your own server, PM me if you’d like to know more!

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I’d be worried that if you could fully curate a mission (map, difficulty, modifiers) players would find the most efficient one to grind and host it all the time. This would mainly affect quickplay I think.

As it stands unless I’m in a 3-4 party I always use quickplay unless there’s a cool maelstrom to do (would be nice to have one maelstrom for each difficulty always available!!!). I don’t have strong opinions on the maps, they’re all darktide enough for me.

As a team however, sometimes it’s quite limiting to not have the choice you want — it would be super nice to curate the game experience a bit more for the party dynamic!

Makes me wonder what the % breakdown for queues are. That would be great information to make informed decisions on….

This is actually a relevant issue for the long term health of a game. And not just because the “most efficient” way to do things will quickly get boring, like always only ever eating your one favourite food.

Irrelevant side example

I’ve seen this on a mod for an RTS I’ve been involved with for over a decade, where some units had pathing problems in specific maps, so people play more open maps, which makes more people try those units, exasperating the issue on the others, aand eventually, most maps played are very open, which shifts the perception of unit balance and now everything very long ranged is overpowered, etc…
And of course VT 1, where we only ever played two or so maps.

I’d be all for some more choices available, especially considering we will only ever get more maps to choose from in the future. Or, at least, I hope so.

imo they need remove sedition/uprising/malice 1 map for ea (2 maps selection for those lvls) and add more heresy and damnation maps selection (lets say 1 heresy and 2 damnation)

i was helping my friend level up about a month ago, and we played that first traitor map 5 times in a row via quickplay. don’t get me wrong, i like that map, but 5 times in a row, especially on a much lower difficulty was so exhausting.

That’s because it was both a new map and that it was guaranteed to be on the board and I’m pretty sure if quickplay put you in a new lobby it was skewed towards the new map too.

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