Mission Rotation has problems

I truly cant understand how people think less choice and being forced into specific things is good? I’ve played enforcer station 20 times so far but torrent maybe 4.

All because I like to play at a difficulty appropriate to my level

Now I have no choice in what mission to play if I want to play at a difficulty I enjoy I have to pray that FS give me a mission I want on a timer

What was so bad about the classic concept of selecting your mission of choice that you may need for a penance or a self assigned challenge and doing it at the difficulty you wanted?

Instead we are at the whims of RNG as to if we can even play the missions we want.

I hope and Pray that FS devs give us a custom/private mission section once the private lobby mode is released post launch because as the game is right now I’m waiting 30 mins between matches waiting for a map I haven’t played 15-20 times to pop up at Heresy difficulty.

I don’t think its fair or acceptable to push people into missions they don’t have an interest in running.

It feels like it is there purely to force engagement numbers higher as people stress watching for their chosen mission they need.