Available missions need to be rebalanced

I have been waiting for more than 2 days to get an espionage mission at heresy difficulty.
I have seen close to 10 different 2 bar difficulty espionage missions and at least 15 1,3 and 5 bar difficulty.
What even is going on here?!
I can go 10-15 minutes without even seeing 1 heresy (4) difficulty mission and have been looking for heresy espionage for 5 hours already today.
I just want to get my helmet.
We need to be able to select the difficulty OURSELVES, or at least have an algorithm that ensures an even spread on difficulty offerings on specific missions.
So that it doesnt happen that for instance a heresy espionage mission doesn’t show up for literal hours on end.


Yep - don’t you feel good to not be able to play the content of a game that you paid for? Isn’t it great that you have to wait to play what you want?

i despise how they decided to rotate the missions.
it worked for deep rock galactic because you never felt forced to play in a certain zone.
And it never happened that a zone wasn’t available for HOURS.

My friends and I are getting tired out from playing the same 4-5 maps for the last few days. We play on 3/4, and the variety of missions at that difficulty gets really low and I don’t know if it’s the time of day we play, but we barely have the opportunity to play different maps at the difficulty we want. Someone in a previous thread talked about how it’s been hours and they haven’t been able to find a mission at a specific difficulty with the sub-mission they wanted. That’s just not acceptable for a game we pay money for. If it was a FtP Mobile game I’d still be irritated but that mechanic makes more sense there. Not here.

The RNG mechanics worked in games like DRG and Payday because they had extra incentives to play these random missions. In Payday it was perfect - random missions with special modifiers, AND the ability to just play any map we wanted.

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