Mission board needs a rework badly

The fact you can have the board roll 0 Heresy missions and 1 Damnation mission is just ridiculous. There at least needs to be a minimum of 3 missions for each of the top 3 difficulties EACH, or let us pick our difficulty, even if it’s only on a selection of rotating maps.


Picking our difficulty needs to happen asap. Its actually such a bad oversight like god damn


Then they add a weekly quest that requires a specific mission and for it to have a submission like grim or script or endless and you got do it 6x times lmfao.

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literally just happened again, a single difficulty 4 and no difficulty 5s

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I agree in general, selection of missions and difficulty should be there.
In the mean time though, if it is only specific difficulty that you are looking for, just use quickplay option.

@Aqshy There’s probably 4+ topics about this every day, where many people agree on every post. This appears to be a growing concern with more and more players. Is there any chance if we can get a confirmation if this feedback is being examined and digested?

I fully understand that bugfixes and stability is taking more priority atm (as it should). But with the growing concern and disappointment about this mechanic I think it’d be nice for us to know where it stands with the devs. At the very least so every time it pops up we can have a statement to point at.


They really need to take a better cue from Deep Rock here. Random missions with random sub-objectives but you can pick the difficulty on the mission, rather than that being random as well…

I havne’t played a lot yet, just five or six missions, but I look at that screen and I can barely tell what I’m looking at.
Only from reading the forums am I realising that we can’t just pick where we want to go, and at what difficulty. That is honestly baffling. I have no idea why it would be done this way.
I would much rather choose my difficulty, and then select the area I want to go to.

I agree. I keep only having strikes and raids on my board… I need to do the diffrent type of obj for my penance…