Missionboard needs changes

So how is it possible that this is a thing?: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Only one mission on heresy, not even one on damnation… yet a mission get changed and still low level.
Dunno if your algorithm works with the actual levels of all players, but it really needs some rework. There should be always 2 heresy and atleast 1 damnation mission available.

Also about weeklies… as i´ve said in another thread, thanks to weeklies like “no deaths, grims / tomes” there will be less poeple playing higher difficulties. They want to end their runs fast, there might be no tomes / grims on heresy / damnation available etc…

Since i believe overall malice and heresy will be the most missions played at some point, please make sure to have always grims / tomes available at those difficulties.