More Heresy Missions and Freedom of Choice

Title says it all really.

I have done all the content on Malice and below and want to start playing more Heresy, but I cannot.

Majority of the time there is only a single Heresy Mission up and its normally one I have already done; it is getting boring and repetitive, and I cannot progress my penance at the pace I want.

I work Monday - Friday, 9 - 5. I do not have a lot of free time to play the game, I want to play the content freely, so I feel like I achieved something towards my penance but now I am at the mercy of the mission table, and it is not so kind.

Please can look at increasing the amount of heresy missions available.


A simple solution to this problem is just to let us choose the difficulty of every mission on the board.

I can only imagine that as more people max their characters out and the penny drops for them like it has for you, that pressure will grow on Fatshark to make this change.


Its unfortunate as the game is enjoyable.

I agree with you, I think someone needs to pull the “rip cord” and allow a system similar to Vermintide 2 to exist in Darktide. It would resolve a lot of issues the community is facing about progression.


I’m with you on this one, the main mechanic in this game is just waiting now, even their cash store you have to wait for.
It’s absolutely ridiculous that and basically forcing us to buy their sh*tty cosmetics by making penances near impossible.

please let us choose our missions!

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This point has been raised numerous times already, and the issue will get greater visibility if you add to one of the existing discussions rather than starting your own. One busy thread is more visible than several with minimal activity.

Two earlier examples.

I dout thats the case, a singular thread is easier to ignore/mute. Reddit mods do it all the time, its only when multiplle threads begin to populate the sub reddit they have to address the issue.

Same logic can be applied here.

This isn’t reddit. It is well known that devs look at threads based on activity. Comparing this to Reddit seems to demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of forums like this. The devs want to make the game as good as they can, and they want to address the issues raised by the community. They don’t have time to look at them all, so they look at the busiest.

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