Mission Selection And Penances

I am having a lot of problems with these two elements of the game, and it is not so much that I despise either one of these.

Infact I do enjoy this style of limited mission selection, I do think that the potential with random conditions, side quests and random difficulties in a casual setting. I think it benefits how you find players, and just the fun factor of not having to think too much about what you are getting in to. However the difficulty is the biggest problem even when talking about just mission selection without mentioning penances, I think at most there are only 1-3 herecy missions at most present at once, and often only 1 damnation. And these higher difficulties stay up and dont refresh on these very spesific maps they take place in, for a whole 30-60 minutes at a time.

And for the penances, this becomes very problematic. At this point my only penance for sharpshooter left is make every shot count. And coming to a bit of a halt now as I am just waiting for spesificly assassination on herecy, and at most I am able to attempt this run once or twice a day. And missions take a long time so by time you finished that run and failed, it is often over if it was a close call anyways, the mission will be gone and you just sit there and wait for hours. And this highly encourage players to just disconnect the match if they miss a shot early or etc, as if you dont just leave the mission time will run out and you cant play it again, so people who are on very demanding challenge runs have to disconnect and requeue to get back into the game. I think this poses a problem

Conclusion : I think some kind of either, difficulty filter or hosting system needs to be put in place. As this is much more of a chore than it needs to be, I am completely fine with putting in time to complete a penance, but when you get to the very end of a mission, you dump all your ammo hit all your shots, go through the whole 30 minute mission, fail because of lack being able to host means even with friends, if you dont have a full 4 person team you still have to deal with randoms. Then you fail the mission, realize the mission is gone and you have to wait. So I would really either want to shorten the time required to wait, by just simply filtering the difficulty you want so there are more maps to choose from for the difficulty required to perform said penance, or just simply add a hosting system that let’s you start your owns missions at whatever difficulty. That would be lovely. If payday 2 could do it I am sure darktide can too.