Mission difficulty distribution

I usually see a distribution of missions in the terminal like this:

Sedition - 3 or 4
Uprising - 3 or 4
Malice - 3 or 4
Heresy - 1
Damnation - 1

It always seems that 10 of the 12 options are difficulties 1 through 3 with only a single choice for 4 and 5. Would it be possible to get more variety at the top end? At least 2 choices for heresy would be nice.


Sitting waiting for a mission to come up with my friend. 1 Damnation that we’ve just finished. Utterly ridiculous are they doing it on purpose?

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Looking for damnation repair and disruption. I saw disruption once in 23 hours but couldn’t beat it because it was increased horde. Haven’t seen damnation repair in 3 days. This whole map system is awful. There isn’t an even distribution of the difficulties and mission types available. They need to let us choose the difficulty and mission type that we want.

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I looked again this morning and there appears to be 2 Heresy and 2 Damnation missions which feels nicer. It must really just be random?

Some system to make sure that there’s at least some choice at all difficulty levels would be nice.

Mission Selection is sh*t and needs to be changed.

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Took me 4 days to find all the damnation missions for my frame. Its kinda like artificial gatekeeping to make the penences harder because damnation is actually too easy.

Something i noticed after i completed it though is it says “complete every mission type on damnation or higher” meaning they either copy pasted the text or they are planning to release another difficulty higher. Im hoping its the latter

“Mission selection is sheet, and needs to be changed.”

I want access to every mission on any difficulty. Was this way vermintide, dont undetstand why shouldnt be possible in here. Especially in private groups.

Payed for this game, so why the f i dont have access to its full content?

They should just decouple the difficulty from it entirely. Give us a decent number of map options and mods, then let us choose the difficulty we want to run. Also would be great if Quick Play had a memory and would try to avoid sending my on the same mission I just went on.