Mission rotation


I’d like to raise a subject about missions rotation in mission hub.
I miss one last mission of type to vantage point (3) and because it’s impossible to find out which one, I decided to check for missions I propably need.
Yesterday I was waiting about a hour at mission hub checking for heresy+ Investigation/Repair, and could not find it.
Today I logged in, and decided to make a test to see how long will it take till mission of investigation/Repair will show up on heresy+
And let me tell you - it’s been 2 hours now since Im browsing memes on a phone and checking hub.

It shouldn’t work like this, being unable to choose which mission you’d like to do or which you need for a specific purpose.

Also - Forced endless horde on heresy is no fun, I reckon there are a lot of possibilites to other conditions.


EDIT: Update – So, waited almost 3hrs (2:47:58 to be precise), didn’t found any map I was looking for, and had to leave due to “work stuff”.
Came back, logged in, and checking mission hub - without success. The most common missions I see are: Strike, Raid, Disruption, Assassination on heresy+

Will try to control it further and see where it goes.


I’ve been complaining about this since the beta as it’s one of my biggest frustrations - but I didn’t think to actually sit there to try and time it.

That’s wild that it takes that long. Absolutely unacceptable, IMO. We paid for the game, why can’t we play it?


To me it seems that at any given day we onbly have acces to 5 mission type.
And 1-2 among those 5 are rarer than the rest.

I totally agree that a bad implementation…

We should be able to have acces to all mission type/difficulties imo…


Especially aggravating when you need to finish a weekly that requires you to finish secondary missions at a specific map, and that map is either not in the rotation, or you only find it in difficulties you can’t play.
In my experience, if you play with randoms, you’ll have at best a 50% success rate, you get 1 attempt at it before the map’s gone again, maybe 2, so for the smallest possible weekly of 3 secondaries, given OP’s data, we’d need to play 6 days. I have no idea how anyone would do 6 secondaries.
Yes, this is horrible. Mind-boggling how anyone could think that this is a good idea.


The mission board they have set up is god awful.
It feels like they looked at what DRG has done and some how made it worse.
We have missions that double up because they don’t let us play at the difficulty we desire, we end up missing out on secondary objectives and specific missions. And this in turn makes doing some of the weekly quests frustrating as hell to do. The Grims, scriptures and doing x secondary objectives on x map.
If you play in a more casual way you could certainly end up missing a map all the time.

So not only do they need to look at fixing the mission board, give us more control of what we want to do and play, they should make it so all the conditions can be up instead of rotating them every 3 or so days or at least make them change ever hour.
They should also remove the stupid weekly quests that are just out right annoying to get done all because scriptures and grims are now a random modifier now.

All this is doing is taking away from a game that has some solid gameplay and is fun to enjoy.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (incessantly, in fact, because it’s so obvious) - They can do both and it would work.

have their current system now as a daily board. Variety of levels with special conditions. Different conditions, different sub-quests, etc. These dailies could include more money/XP/Crafting materials/Weapon drops/Melk missions. Make the players WANT to look at the board, and maybe hit up my buddies if there’s stuff that that interest them. That would be fun - it adds replayability and makes me WANT to come back every day and look to see what’s available.

BUT, also offer the ability to play whatever mission you want, with whatever difficulty you want with whatever modifier you want. There’s no reason to lock content away from players who paid money for the game other than to artificially pad out the game - which is not enjoyable.

Doing it this way gets both people what they want - Fatshark gets random elements that make players want to come back and can tie in to Melk’s quests, and Players can access the content that they paid for. It’s a win/win

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The best solution would be to have a flat 10% bonus to credits and XP for any random mission.

Then have a custom mission select that allows people to pick any mission they want with any parameters and difficulties they want.
If events (Special conditions) are such a big deal, make them temporarily time limited to random missions before being added to the custom mission menu.

In addition to this, there needs to be a way to tally what missions you have completed at what difficulty (Which would be easily added to a custom mission select).

And for the Emperor’s sake, give us a private match option already.

It’s like Fatshark are purposefully trying to prevent any kind of completion goals for the game.

yeah, 100%. I really like the idea of having random events affect the game - it keeps things fresh. I really like the idea of extra modifiers and mutations to maps - it keep things fresh.

But man having it so it’s all 100% RNG to “keep things fresh” if anything just gates me from content I paid for and makes things mega stale very quickly.

10% bonus is good - I think since crafting won’t let you make weapons, I think it’d be a good opportunity to guarantee item drops for players too so we don’t have to rely 100% on the RNG shop.

A big problem with Darktide and the idea of keeping things fresh by restricting player choice is that the game has nowhere near enough content to make that work.

It works in Deep Rock Galactic because you can ALWAYS pick the difficulty, there’s always at least one of every objective type and every map is randomly generated regardless (The most meaningful different being biome dictating resources, which you can also pick).

IIRC, the only thing that’s not available at all times is the modifiers.

“I think it’d be a good opportunity to guarantee item drops for players too so we don’t have to rely 100% on the RNG shop.”

I think the quickplay option should have an additional bonus or be tied to weeklies (Like always having one “Complete 3-5 Quick Matches” every week), like it was in VT2.

As for Gifts from the Emperoror, they should add back in the continuous leveling from VT2 and have one drop for every level up past 30.

This obfuscated randomness they have now is nothing but frustrating.