Impossible to do my weekly mission because of map RNG

i just want to play the game, but i only need to find grimoires and every time i log on the game the only grimoire mission is 5-star rating, often on hi-intensity or lights out. so i often just have to try to jump into quickplay, and when the map starts i check the secondary objective and see there aren’t grims then i leave. i’m sure my teammates appreciate that, especially when i am the only ogryn/zealot, but there is nothing else for me to do.

in the end i never really find maps with grimoires and so i spend about an hour between joining and leaving games and running around in the lobby trying to get my weekly done. great design! i love not playing the game. soon that may become my go-to strategy.

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Quickplay only selects from the available map pool so if you don’t see a grim mission you can do you’re not going to get one until the maps roll over.

thanks for explaining that, in that case i guess i just have to quit the game and try again later, but after 2 hours of no grimoires, i don’t think i will.

Yeah. I’m currently just waiting at the mission hub for a Heresy-tier Disruption mission to complete the ‘play all mission type’ Penance. It’s been more than an hour now. It doesn’t help that there’s only ONE available Heresy-tier mission.

Who thought that this would be a good idea?