Weekly missions take too long

Hey guys, I’m new on these boards.

So, I’m quite a casual player, meaning that I have other games to play and don’t want to 100% commit to this one.

Some weekly missions take way too much time to complete (the 12 grimoires/texts especially), I’ve really tried this week and had to reroll the grimoires one yesterday.

Now I have to kill 750 “squameux” (french name for some monsters) which I don’t know wtf they are since there is 0 explanations in the mission’s text. Also, I have to kill them with a ranged weapon on my ogryn (yay…). 2 completed missions later where I’ve literally shot everything I can, I’m at 95/750. Quick maths tells me that I’ll have to play around 13 more missions which translates to ~7-8 hours of pure gameplay.

All that wouldn’t be an issue if we didn’t have to complete all 5 missions to get the weekly bonus of 1000 whatever currency it gives.

Since I’m already struggling to complete all 5 weekly missions, playing another character is entirely out of the picture for me.

I’m ok with the way the game punishes failed missions, I’m ok with the sometimes stupid RNG that doom a mission, I’m even ok with all the bugs but man, you should really make it easier to play several characters to tone a little bit down the repetitiveness of the game from a casual solo player PoV.

You should make these weekly missions easier to complete OR get rid of the weekly bonus and boost accordingly the missions rewards OR share the weekly completion between all characters.


Some of them are really bad, yeah, but there’s a lot that are perfectly doable, I got all my weeklies done between friday night and saturday noon in about 7 missions total.

They just need tweaking, finding grims and scriptures needs to count for the whole team, not just the one who happened to pick them up, and the number is way too high given how random and difficult to find they are, the majority of the time when we do those missions we’re happy if we even find 1 somewhere.

Depending on your weekly missions assigned, 7 to 8 seems a bit optimistic but ok.

That means 14 to 16 missions just for one additional character, which is a lot on a weekly basis for a casual player.

Anyway, some weekly missions really need some tweaking.

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Something definitely needs to be changed with them, your suggestions are good ones. Would also like to see more diversity with them like headshots and special kills.

Really pissed off tonight as I was almost done with the last mission and got bugged back to back to back.

I only needed ~150 kills with melee as an ogryn and the mission only progressed by an unit or two after completing 2 MISSIONS playing mainly melee. Tried a third mission 15min before week’s end and game crashed in the middle of it.

How is it possible to register only 1 melee kill (went from 639 to 640 / 750) after completing a full mission as an ogryn ? I just don’t understand.

I think I’m done with this game for now, weekly missions not only are badly thought out, but they also are full of bugs.

7 missions is insane… are you on low level or do you talk about the tier 3 weeklies? Because they´re like “kill 1000 in range / melee”, “finish 25 missions”, “find 25 scriptures”…

Also finding grims / scriptures do count for everyone. If they don´t count after a mission, then it´s a bug everyone have probably experienced here and there. They´re still on it, but it seems that it got already better in my experience. Didn´t had it for nearly 2 weeks.

Agree on all of this. Also let us reroll more often, this artifical cap of rerolling 3 times (mentioned nowhere)
Had a 12 grim quest I thought id try to reroll into something else (only looking for grim missions gets a bit boring) and what do I get? Complete 6 secondaries on mission HL17-36, by far the worst weekly u can get by a long shot.