Quickplay offers no incentive

If I’m going to be using Quickplay, it needs to provide bonus XP/Credits/Rewards. Otherwise why bother using it? You’d be better off just selecting a specific mission.


True, VT did this, I think an X% bonus to XP or dockets would be nice

I always choose quickplay because it picks a level at random and I don’t have to bother choosing myself. lol


The thing is it doesnt choose the level at random, it chooses the least played from the mission board. That is why quickplay is effectively repeating the same few missions on loop.

As I was leveling today and using only quickplay, I had 6 train station bosses in a row, then 3 smelters in a row. While I kind of appreciate being able to get these levels down to muscle memory, I would still much prefer a true random selection, with all available missions in the pool.


Can’t comment on that statement, but it explicitly states that the QP will put you in a lobby or an ongoing mission. That would, by default, limit the selection to two (maybe max four) missions, since you choose a difficulty.

One thing I’ve noticed (both mission selct and QP) is that it tries to match you with a strike team that doesn’t have your class represented.

I dislike the mission selection screen altogether, they need to just bring back the VT2 system. I hate how quickplay can put you into missions with endless horde or lowered visibility, I want consistent simple matches, not to randomly have to sweat because the mission I thought I was getting is significantly harder on pure chance.

It throws you into missions already started. The Train station mission is the grind mission xp or coins. I start them all the time solo and try to work on penance counters with the bot boys, whom btw are at least team players. I can tell when the mission goes to Hel when I get a real player because everything goes south quick.

It’s definitely dumb it doesn’t give you any additional reward.

I’m happy that it’s an easy way to find a quick game at a set difficulty level.
Click, don’t wait long, play.
No need for any incentive/reward, imho. I take it as a convenient way to play a quick game.
Good thing if it tries to set up a strike team with different classes.

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It doesn’t need to. Either we choose what mission we want, or we don’t care enough to pick.

I would much rather have it not give a reward then it taking the already anemic rewards we do get and trim them down more to ‘compensate’ for QP giving rewards. FS isn’t guaranteed to do so, but we’ve already seen what their balance passes look like and no thanks.

I use it for the chance of joining a mission in progress, which can significantly shorten your time between payouts.

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