Story Mode

I noticed in the beta that there was a story mode option. I was really looking forward to playing that in release, as I like to play the missions sequentially before I engage in other modes of play. Is there any chance that you might be bringing that back? It’s feature that I really enjoyed

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I think that was integrated into the “normal” modes with release.

Quickplay chooses whichever mission makes the most sense for you, i.e. the next available one, so you kinda go through the story there. No risk of getting them out of sequence.

If you want to follow a certain act (all 3 kinda run alongside each other) you can still choose them in the custom game mode. Only downside is that you don’t get the loot-bonus for quickplay.

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That’s good to know. Thank you.

Just checking… Do you mean you don’t get a loot bonus UNLESS you play quick play? Or IF you play quick play?

you get a boost to quickplay

Essentially, quickplay grants you a bonus at the end of the match roughly equivalent to an extra tome. You can still get emperors without, but it’s easier. It basically guarantees you get at least commoners even with a horrible roll on ranalds and no extras.
I believe this is meant to encourage people to play a diverse range of maps (as you can’t choose for the best loot) and help fill up lobbies faster as people are incentivised to join.
If you just want to play through the ‘campaign’, you can still do so, and you will probably not be much worse off.

Edit: Actually don#t think quickplay chooses the missions on order. But if chooses what you actually have unlocked, so you’ll never get a mission without having played the previous ones.

Quickplay chosses the missions in order? Really? That’s good to know, although I didn’t think the first map would be one of the beta maps (ringing the bells, can’t recall the exact map name).

Not necessarily in order, but it wont give you maps you haven’t unlocked yet and I think it might prioritize maps that’ll unlock a new one

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