More Options for Quick Play

Can we have more options for quick play queuing?

I would like to be able to queue for;
Any missions with/without Grimoires and/or Scriptures.
Adjustable Levels (ie 1-5, 1-3, 2-4).
With/without special conditions.

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are you aware there is limited choice on mission for a reason ?
Its not just for style realy

Quickplay mean you dont realy care and wanna play !

For example;

I’d like to Queue for L1-3, No Grims, With Scripts


Queue L4, With Scrips or Grims, but No Special Conditions.


L1-5, In-Progress missions only, with Special Conditions, No Scripts/Grims.

Most of the time when I Quick Play, I don’t want to start a new mission, I’m SPECIFICALLY looking to help others on their In-Progress Missions.