No Books in Quickplay!?

This is very important

book are only in selected missions, not in quickplay

quickplay is the fastest way to find group and the most fun way to play
but now there is no reason to do quickplay, because the reward is better with books, in selected missions

books in quickplay works perfectly in Vermintide 1 and 2

plase put the books in quickplay

i understand now why im always alone with bots in quickplay :frowning:

Quickplay just picks random missions at that difficulty that someone is playing, and if it cant match anything it picks a mission at that difficulty for you. Whether or not the mission has scriptures or not is nothing to do with quickplay, depends solely on what missions are up at that time for the difficulty selected, and if other people have selected one with tomes they need you to join in on.

If you need to get scriptures or grimoires on every run for a contract reward or something then yes you will want to pick missions with those specific secondaries, but quickplay doesn’t exclude them.


You are wrong.
Some missions available at a time at the hub have scriptures, some grimoires, some have nothing.