Scriptures and Grims? No Secondary Objective?


I watched some videos, there are scriptures and grims in te maps but they ar enot in my game, 2 and 3 difficulty
all scriptures and grims are random? if so, is extremely difficlt to find, and can take hours

why there is no secondary objective active in my game?
i see some players have the “secndary objective description” in the screen


Secondary objectives spawn randomly on the maps you can play, not every map has them.

^ Make sure the map has the secondary objetive active.

Yes and no. There is a list of set spawn points for grims and a list of set spawn points for scriptures. The books can spawn in any of those spawn points. They are not in the same place every game, but if you know all spawn points you should find all books.

There are no books in quickplay!!!
only in selected missions with books in description!

terrible idea to remove books from quickplay
quickplay is the fastest way to find a group and the most fun way to play

now there is no reason to play quickplay because the reward is better with books in special selected missions

terrible idea :frowning:
there should be books in all quickplay missions