Glitched Grimoires and Scriptures

Either they show up and you can’t pick them up, or they don’t show up at all.

Can never complete additional objective.

Please Fix.

It appears starting the game with bots instead of players will trigger the grimoires to not spawn

I only play missions with secondary objectives, rarely normal missions, and I guarantee you the books always spawn. They will spawn if you start with bots or with players.

Some may be hard to find but there are a handful of guides out there with most locations (I’m also working on location guides but the constant RNG is burning me out).

Known bugged locations I’ve seen are:

  • Chasm Station: scripture in rubble next to the chaos symbol
  • Vigil Station Oblivium: scripture hidden under staircase
  • Relay Station: grimoire in red hallway near globe room (can be picked up but difficult)
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