Books not spawning?

is it just me or are the books, scripture, and grim, not spawning sometimes?
I’ve played multiple games back to back where the books do not spawn. I would check their spawn location but they’re never there. This has been vexing me greatly.

I think I found the problem, I believe there’s a visual bug on the mission terminal which will say there are books to collect as a secondary objective without there actually being a secondary.

I honestly ignore books, they aren’t worth it and not that fun. For weeklies I always change those to something else.

That said look at the book finder mod.

I don’t think you understand. I’m not having trouble finding them. I’m reporting a visual bug in the mission terminal. Sometimes missions will say there’s a book secondary mission when there is in fact not.

I discovered this when I realized some missions have the icon for the book quest and other missions don’t have that icon but still say there’s books to be found. It’s these missions that are bugged because books won’t actually spawn in the map.

Yeah, I’ve seen that too where it doesn’t have the secondary mission icon, but the mission description has books, but when you go into the mission you don’t have the mission for books

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That’s precisely the visual bug (or actual bug) I’ve been talking about.

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