Not getting to play all missions

I’m to the point where my power level makes me move to veteran to continue to progress. The problem is, I haven’t got a chance to play all of the missions on recruit. I’ve been doing quickplay for bonuses, but missions in each act remain “chained.” What am I missing? I’d like to at least try these before moving on. Thanks.

O.o if u dont mind losing the quick bonus, you can queue for the mission before the chained mission. once complete, it should unlock the next mission in the progression.

Ok. That kind of sucks that I haven’t got them in the rotation… If I host a quickplay, will it give me a better chance to get the missions I need? You’d think that getting to 250 PL I’d see those missions.

Maybe? XD honestly not sure, but worst case you could pick and start and hope for some fills. recruit-vet isnt too terrible of a difference (imo) but i can respect wanting to see everything before moving on up.

Good idea, thanks!

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Well, best way to handle that is to customize your game and do the missions you need. Dont worry about quickplay, as if you are still in recruit you will be plenty of chests to open.
For example, after release i started all custom missions “storywise”, just to unlock them all and a give a first look at the ones that werent in betas.
So dont worry about chests, just have fun goinf through every mission and take your time

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Good advice, will do.

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