Quick Play bonus

Dear Devs,

I completely understand the notion behind the quick play bonus, but… I know you put a lot of effort into creating a storyline, giving the whole experience a backbone. I know V1 wouldn’t have been the same without first having to progress through Ubersreik in a certain order. But it seems that in V2, quick play just drops you somewhere totally random. It’s rather off putting that I am missing out on loot bonus for following up on your storyline.

It would be nice if at least the first playthrough would be … well, not mandatory, but incentivised (not with achievements, frak that). How about a a bonus at the end of the map when you roll for loot? I might have seem some kinda mechanic like that. :wink:

Suggestion: Give the story playthrough, map by map, a “Quick Play” bonus. Then this bonus can go back to real quick play after the player gets the “all maps done” achievement.


This is a great idea…

I don’t understand the notion behind the quick play bonus at all. What is it?

They go to all this work to create a campaign format then make it so no one ever plays through them.

Just give no bonus, and if people want to play a random map choice they will.

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