The Quarrel With Quick Play

I’m sure I’m not the first person to talk about this, but there’s always room on the internet for someone else’s unasked-for opinion.

I played the original Vermintide for some time (over 700 hours) and am almost already halfway at that timestamp with the sequel: Despite the fact that I’m about to rake the game’s primary method of matchmaking over the coals, I do think overall that so far it’s superb.

The TLDR is that the bonus from Quick Play feels less like a ‘bonus’ and more like a punishment for choosing specific levels. The original game had the issue that not all the maps were worth the time, as it were, if you were looking for loot, but of those that were, you could freely choose which ones you wanted to do. This helped to make what levels there were (particularly before the expansions) from getting too stale too fast, as you could cycle through them at your leisure. Yes, there were the joyless individuals who did nothing but Horn of Magnus for a time, but I choose not to think about that sort of person for too long (though I understand Quick Play was introduced as it was as a way to prevent that scenarion from repeating).

As it stands, without some method of helping to priortize what maps Quick Play puts you in, I’ve found there’s some maps I tend to get a lot and others I see pop up rarely. I realize this all boils down to luck (frig off, Ranald) and that whining about RNG is about as useful as spitting on a Stormfiend, but there are things that can be changed to mitigate the RNG factor. I’d also like to believe I pull from a fairly substantial sample size: I’d say on average I play anywhere from 30 to 50 games a week, and some maps will stick out more than others to the point where I have that “Oh no, not this place -again-” feeling. And that’s not a feeling I remember having in the first game, even at the start when there were less maps.

I can suggest some solutions, all of which I’m sure are easier said than done. I think the best solution would be to change how the Quick Play selection works to include a priority system. I.E., when you finish a map through Quick Play, it puts it to the bottom of its selection priority. If multiple people are getting into the queue from the same lobby, it would do its best to pick whatever map is of the highest priority for all of them. Again, that’s something that would probably take a lot of work in terms of coding, but a man with no working knowledge of computers can dream. At the very least, this would cut down on the instances where you get the same boss map back to back 3 times in a row.

An alternative, more patchy fix would be to remove the Quick Play bonus from contributing to the loot chest progress and add some sort of other, probably time-limited, bonus for using it. As a brief, top-of-my-head example, maybe 3 times per day, finishing a map on Quick Play gives a Commendation Chest or something along those lines, or perhaps limit the Quick Play bonus that’s already there to 3 times per day (and before you panic, the implication with this change is that queueing WITHOUT Quick Play would have the same baseline chest progress that queueing WITH Quick Play has now). Obviously this could be tweaked in any matter the devs saw fit, such as making the bonus only accrue once per day but stacking up to three times, akin to the quest board.

The Challenges are a very welcome addition to the game, but the character portrait frames/outfits seem to highlight the issues with Quick Play: People have to choose between actively pursuing those cosmetics at the cost of reduced reward, or rely on Quick Play to eventually get them through all the maps (and I’ve spoken to several people who have been actively doing this since the Challenges were released and have yet to get to every map).

The TLDR-TLDR is that making Quick Play an integral part of the rewards for finishing a map ultimately reduces the enjoyment of those maps.

I agree with most of the above. Mostly the “rng” part being a bit out of whack, and feeling forced to do quick play for the extra loot chance. Not necessarily the suggested changes.

But I’d also like to mention that it’s kind of awful if you’re doing quick play with your friends, somehow dc, get back in the same game and now your quick play bonus is gone becaue eyou didn’t join through the quick play queue. That’s always a little upsetting…


i disagree. i feel that the quickplay feature is integral to building a strong playerbase for games, and vermintide2 is no different. the issue with vermintide is that it’s impossible to design maps to be of equal difficulty, some maps are generally going to be easier than others because of bosses or environments. not sure if you were playing when they had absolutely no extra reward for boss maps - people were just suiciding and avoiding them like the plague. if the quickplay bonus was taken out, people would just revert back to custom games on their preferred maps - people would quickly start getting bored of the same easiest map (determined by popularity) over and over again whenever they hit quickplay.

i feel the reward is needed for keeping quickplay lively - which in turn keeps a large % of the community engaged (not everyone has a full premade they can run with all the time - in fact i believe the majority of players are solo queuers, but i don’t have the statistics on this)

I remember the boss problem, and the guaranteed loot dice addition has more or less evened that out.

While I agree with what you’re saying to some degree, I don’t think Quick Play needs to be removed altogether. Hence why I think the ideal solution is keeping the bonus as it is but making the queuing system a lot smarter in reducing level repetition.

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Agreed. I feel like QP should just grant bonus XP and then the RNG on everything should just be toned down one whole tier level to make it so just participating in any level, regardless of QP, would be the same as with the current QP bonus.

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