Suggestion: shop reset after missions


I believe the whole hourly-reset shop nonsense was never to be actually implemented in the first place. Still, it seems that the system of RNGtide stays and is no subject to our dear gamedesigners’ future effort.

However, I want to share my vision of how this could be alterated to be fairer and more engaging and cater to your “player retention” nonsense that you insist must stay. And the solution is [read the thread title].

I mean, really, we want to play your game because of the gameplay and this could be just the solution. Heh, when you think about that, it is literally a lootbox after each mission and you even get to choose the item from it that you’d like to actually get. And we could have the overall items score bound to the difficulty you’ve run.

So, maybe please, could we have at least this form of progression agency through actual gameplay if this RNG crap is not going away in the foreseeable future?

Thnx for reading.

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That’s exactly what I have been wishing for!
And the shops content could even be based on the missions difficulty