Shop Improvement Suggestion - How to make it encourage actually playing the game

The 1h rollover timer for the basic item shop has seen lots of people voice negative opinions about it and the general consensus seems to be that the lack of selection and frequently poor quality of the items is extremely frustrating. This is made worse when you need to upgrade gear and are gated behind a timer and can be equally frustrating when you see an upgrade and have no possible way to afford it before it rolls out of the shop. This system actually incentivizes players NOT to play the game and to instead just save up funds and do an hourly sweep of the shop.

To make the shop a more rewarding part of the gameplay loop now that we don’t have the guaranteed end-of-mission chests and accompanying crafting system that we did in VT2, I’d suggest making the store a manual refresh instead of making it timer-based. To keep it simple, rather than costing funds (and allowing for reroll fishing), make it so that a character can hold a maximum of 1 or 2 refreshes and a reroll is replenished every 1-2 mission completions.

Making this a manual refresh would make the mission rewards actually feel more meaningful and it would make the shop feel less like a chore and also less punishing. See an upgrade you can’t afford? Play some missions to make the money you need for it. Nothing good in your shop? Go play some missions so you can roll again.


A simpler solution would be to just refresh it after each mission. Gaining refresh tokens instead would be nice eventually though, in case you want to save for a weapon.

Yeah, that was my initial thought, but I thought on it for a little bit before putting the whole thing to words. I’ve had a few times where I’ve seen a weapon I’ve been just out of reach of and know many others have as well.

But yes, even just refreshing every mission would be a nice way to let us see more potential gear, especially as we level up our characters and overall gear power level.