Fatshark, I TRULY, hope you see this. This is absolutely urgent and needs to be done before ANY new content is added, and ANY balance changes are introduced, the RNG systems in this game are awful, and need to be rectified, fast

Please Fatshark, The lack of player agency in this is absolutely awful, so lets get to my list of fixes/suggestions to give players agency, and ability to do what they want.
For Level/mission select:

  1. Change the system so 1 of every mission type is available at all times.
  2. Let us choose the difficulty on which we play the missions we have selected. Take a page out of Deep Rock Galactic’s book, and even BETTER, a page out of VERMINTIDE 2’s BOOK. The game this is supposed to be a successor to Vermintide, not a step back.
  3. Let us choose maps in private lobbies and choose difficulty.

That’s my feedback on mission select, now onto the obtaining of weapons, it’s a step down from Vermintide 2 in a lot of ways right now, so here’s my list of fixes/suggestions for that.
For the weapon shop/obtaining weapons.

  1. Whenever we unlock a weapon, we should get a basic grey rating weapon awarded to us, so we can at least try it out.
  2. Make the weapon shop either be able to be rerolled by us on command, FOR FREE, at any time.
  3. Ensure it always displays one of every weapon we have unlocked, you can randomize the rolls sure, that’s fine and let that be the thing that resets, but you need to ensure that people can get what weapons they want, WHEN they want them, and not be forced to wait on the shop constantly resetting (rather than playing the game) in the hopes that they can get the weapon they want.

And that concludes my feed back on obtaining weapons. NOW to get into one of the more problematic systems (or lack thereof). Weapon “Crafting”. Whatever we have implemented right now isn’t a crafting system, it never was, crafting implies we can MAKE weapons from scratch, this system is not that, this is Weapon UPGRADING. Making weapons better. And it is yet another system rooted in RNG. So here’s my list of fixes for that.
For the weapon “crafting” upgrading* system:

  1. Let us TRULY craft weapons we have unlocked from blueprints awarded when we unlock the weapon.
  2. Change the Refine system, it’s absolutely horrendous to force us to randomize a trait on a weapon, and then remove the ability to change the other. When I hear the word “refine” I think improvement, what Refining should be is IMPROVING the weapons raw stats, let us improve stats on weapons we get at the cost of materials, or even better! Make us only able to up one stat at a time!, That allows us to tailor weapons to our playstyles. It enables TRUE customization of weapons.
  3. Add another feature, “Modify”, the name doesn’t have to exactly be that but this will fill the role of refine and make more sense, this feature will allow us to choose to either improve one of the perks on a weapon(and not lock it from being removed or otherwise), leaving the one we don’t improve untouched and unchanged, or we also have the option of choosing to replace one of the perks on the weapon with one we want, BUUUT the perk we replace the chosen perk with will have the stat percentage “4%, 5% etc” randomized within the range the chosen perk has.
  4. ALLOW US TO CHANGE BLESSINGS ON WEAPONS, IMPROVE BLESSINGS ON WEAPONS, REMOVE BLESSINGS AND PUT THEM ON OTHER WEAPONS WITH BLESSINGS, and for balance reasons probably limit how many blessings you can put one one weapon to the max blessings you can currently have on a weapon normally.

Conclusion: DARKTIDE is Frustrating - YouTube “Why can’t play the game how I want to play it when I want to play it” This sentiment is felt by the majority of your playerbase Fatshark, this needs to be solved, and fast, this game has so much potential, and these systems are ruining it, please, remember everything you’ve learned from Vermintide 1 and 2, it needs to be applied here, or you will not keep players invested in this game, I don’t even care about the premium cosmetics store, that doesn’t make the game not fun to play, but these issues do. Listen to your community, be transparent with us, you still have time to fix your game, so please, do that before you scare more players off. I love Vermintide 2, I love Warhammer, I love Warhammer 40k, and I love Darktide, but these problems are sucking the life out of the experience, they’re making the playerbase resent teh game, it needs to be solved, and fast. I don’t say this because i’m mad that this isn’t vermintide, or mad that it’s not the exact game I want. I say this because I love what i’m playing, and I want it to be better. to be the amazing 40k game it’s meant to be. I REALLY hope this is seen, and that others in this community echo my sentiments.


The Rng in this game is absolutely awful, i don’t know if my suggestions are perfect, (they probably aren’t) but it’s still a hell of a lot better than the system we have now


another person echoing my sentiments

Yes! This! Bump

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I don’t have a problem with the way we get new weapons, and I’ll withhold my judgements on how we refine/upgrade them for the most part until that system is fully rolled out. I definitely agree the mission selection is a nightmare.

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I would have liked a little more specific detail for the devs in some of that information (that I agree with)
For example the shop to be rerolled by the player at the players choice, also add that the shop will not reroll on its own that way if you roll an item you want and cannot afford it, it will not go away. Maybe you get 1 free reroll per hour?

For crafting the only issue I see for replayability is that you with that method will be able to make the “perfect” weapon/s a little too easily and therefore every reward will become worthless.

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The shop needs to not detract from the gameplay it doesn’t matter what crappy reason or story it has behind why it’s design is bad. I am also pretty sure they like money so rerolling the shop for money isn’t so unreasonable anyway and on top of that it also gives the devs a money sink.

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fair point, I also suggested if they didn’t want that then to make the shop always display 1 of every weapon we have unlocked, and have it periodically reroll the stats of said weapons that are unlocked

Bump, this is incredibly important. Agreed with everything. These systems need to change ASAP. The latest patch rollout showcased how problematic it is.


At least let us order a weapon type and have it available after 2-3 missions. Just anything that ties it to the mission gameplay and not that bloody timer.

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u/Fatshark_Aqshy , u/Fatshark_Hedge I hope those who wish to get assist me in getting fatsharks attention can do so, perhaps we can see their thoughts on these?, and even get an influencers message to them as well

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