Darktide Is Gambling

lack of player agency and freedom is too much. never gambled or went to a casino but I bet this is what it would feel like.

you pay money for the privilege of spending your time pulling the lever hoping you get the mission you want with the correct modifiers so you might get the weapon you want with the perks and blessings you want with no ability to influence the outcome at all. this along with rotating stores for everything to push you into spending more of your time so you don’t miss out.

there needs to be a darktide gambling comic.

darktide doesn’t respect your time or efforts. it doesn’t reward you based on your performance or actions. you paid money for a system that decides when and if to reward you, with a hidden weekly reward cap for gifts and a random chance to get the weapon or cosmetic you want in the rotating store. its the most awful and cynical system I have ever seen in a video game. and it needs to go.

won’t spend another minute playing along with this twisted system until is removed. my time and agency should be respected, the only good progression system is one based on my skill and efforts, and I should have freedom to play the missions that I paid for as I please. I thought I was buying a video game, not a gambling sim with combat attached.


I agree with you, 100%, coincidentally I just made a post about this myself
Glad to see others are sharing my sentiment, the more people who give fatshark crap for this the more likely they’ll listen


Yup. Darktide 100% uses tactics from the realm of casinos and gambling to time gate their game and make people log in. It is a sick, immoral practice and they should be ashamed of themselves for basing an entire game around it. Fatshark has crossed over into the realm of predatory game companies. They are no longer a company to be trusted and everything they do should be examined before giving them any money in the future.


I kind of wish Steam would allow refunds, because I definitely feel like I got bamboozled. I stupidly thought, “This is just the beta, it’ll be better on release.” When it released, I stupidly thought, “It’s fine, the next update will add crafting and it’ll be better.”

Fool me once and whatnot.

Gambling sim is exaclty what this game feels like. I don’t even think I’ve played for an hour since the last update dropped.


I mean we were trying to tell everyone that crafting wouldn’t solve anything… It didn’t and unless they give us full agency, will never solve anything.

At this point, I’m honestly just gonna stop playing… There’s little point in me sitting and camping a store for a weapon upgrade and then going to the shop to sit and spam a button for 1½hr in the hopes it will give me the right perk at the right rating

Fun fact, it didn’t give me the right perk after clicking that button for 1½ hour and all that happened was I got frustrated and tired of Hadron screaming I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY VARLET and I was like no I’m not happy, quite frankly **** off.


Don´t you´ve fun playing games? Dunno… there are a bunch of games, especially singleplayer ones, not rewarding you in any way. You just use your time on games you could also use for stuff in RL. And once the server are down, all your progress and invested time / money is gone.

Yes such systems force one or another “weak” player to login every day. Weeklies and dailies do this for ages in any games. But it´s also a permanent progress for those who need that or just play anyway, no matter how the system is. Some poeple are in love with heavy grind anyway.

And tbh… every time i read such stuff like the quote, i don´t know why ppl play videogames at all or do anything else. Nothing really respects your time. It´s just your mind being upset about something out of your control. It´s even like poeple being upset about a 40 bucks game with a cosmetic shop and its FOMO. But you can spend 1000 of hours here, meanwhile 2 hours cinema with 2 persons costs the same. First world problems i guess.

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Man, can you go play Diablo: Immortal or something, please. Your constant shilling and simping for Fatshark and their insane RNG is getting tedious.

Even they have acknowledged that their crafting system is not going to solve anything, they have acknowledged their armoury store is loaded with RNG… They have acknowledged that it needs fixing.

So meh… Away you go. You won’t like it once we get to actually make builds as we please.


Same. I broke my “never pre-order” rule for this game and was immediately bit right in the butt again. :sweat_smile:

Everything about this game feels gross and deceptive. Beta, to release, to updates, to company interactions with the community, to patch notes, just everything. I genuinely feel misled by Fatshark every step of the way.

The core gameplay is there and I genuinely enjoy that part, but literally everything else feels like I was sold a lie. I would refund if I could.

I should have learned my lesson after War of the Roses/Vikings, but I have now. Won’t be supporting Fatshark anymore, which is sad, because they were absolutely one of my favorite developers.


I don´t care about FS and RNG is standard these days in any games and can be even way worse. I also don´t care if weapon crafting is added or not, i just look at the pros and cons of both systems and how they´ve an impact on the longevity of the game.

It´s just you guys being so addicted to get some rewards for your invested time / efford it´s insane. I´m also sure if it would be the other way round, that you can get your weapons / perks immediately, poeple would cry “Where is the progress?”, as some do already.

You would actually be way happier changing your mind and playing games for fun i guess.


Yes, for fun, that’s why the reviews are tanking day by day. That’s why 10k less people play, week by week.

Because we forgot that we should just “play to have fun”, did you ever consider that we want to have fun - by making builds and then oh my lord what a heretical thought… play with the builds?

Just. Go play Diablo: Immortal, you will feel - right at home where you can spend a lifetime and never accomplishing - anything. It is right up your alley.


Since December 11th, every single day has more negative reviews than positive reviews. The game is down to 62% on Steam.

This is an objectively un-fun game for the majority of people taking the time to review it. Fatshark is killing their own game faster than Elon Musk is killing Tesla stock.


I agree on the principle, but you seem to focus only on the rewards part m8.
There are other problems raised by OP, for example ability to play the missions you want or contracts demand of you.
If you haven’t noticed resources accumulation is a chore if you play more than 1 character and so on.
Some ppl cannot even get the base weapons they want to use or try out, do not mind perks or blessings, this may be a non-issue when crafting fully lands we do not know.
Regardless it is an rng on top of rng chased by rng and I am not surprised some ppl are annoyed by this.
I personally enjoy the gameplay and setting, but surrounding systems are half-baked or broken atm.


Yes i did, but it doesn´t have anything to do with the statements “getting rewarded for your investment” etc… also the core-mechanic is still more time-invested friendly with the coins and shop than losing games in V2 and getting nothing but some XP for a comm. chests every couple of runs.

The RNG on the crafting is questionable yes. 100 times to reroll was already dumb af in Vermintide. But a lot is still more related to “godrolls” you don´t even need.

A lot of the complaints are still about crashes etc… and that players obviously prefer to open a RNG chest after finishing a run than to move to a RNG shop every hour. Others don´t even like the combat or want a 100% copy & paste game from V2.

And no… it´s not FS killing the game, it´s you guys. This game is decent at best yes and it has its issues as V2 had on release. And how do we fix it? Developing, patching… and that stuff needs time.
FS proofed with the last patch that they want to listen and change things, meanwhile a bunch of guys still exaggerating and review-bombing the game, which does nothing but shorten its lifetime and holds potentially buyers away.

Is the release-state bad for what was said? Yes… but how many games coming without bugs and flaws these days? Even Square Enix or Nintendo, which has a very good QA apartment, fkd up in the recent past.
Of course it doesn´t defend what happened here and i don´t want to do it. But if you guys want this game to succeed and if you want to have it for some years, you may give FS that month to fix that stuff instead of making things even worse.


Most everyone likes the core gameplay and the OST. Everything else sucks. Go read basically any review.

It’s a good game mechanically, everything else is bad and Fatshark doesn’t want to listen. They’re doing the “it’s the children who are wrong” meme.

[Edit: You do not have to defend a bad game because you enjoy it. I played like 400 hours of Eternal Crusade and that game was garbage. Darktide is a good game with TERRIBLE trappings. It’s bad and it’s okay to admit it. Fatshark doesnt need a bunch of sycophants telling them everything is good, that’s how bad design decisions keep getting made.]


I think the mission timer is fine. It keeps things fresh together with the changing modifiers… The only issue lies in the grim / tomes weeklies and that you can´t play the difficulties you want. I agree on that. It needs to be addressed.

Yes a shared bag would be fine, but the weeklies should stay as they´re. The special vendor is just something on top to have chances for better stuff and if players with a lot of time can play multiple chars, why shouldn´t they be able to get more special currency?
I would also like to see that side-bosses drop like 20-25 of the special currency as they did in V2 with the dices. I´ve also requested to have a tier-system on the weeklies since they´re already there. So you always have T3 weeklies like finish 25 games. But the T1 spot is on 10 games and if you finish them, you get the rewards.

The first thing is only half true as i´ve stated that poeple give bad reviews for different issues. Yes there are players like you, but again, there are also players who like heavy grind and diablo-like RNG.

And idk… with the latest patch FS took care for weapon balancing, they already try to fix their shop, removed timers and stuff. Dunno if they listen for everything and i hope not, since some stuff is clearly exeggerated or not well thought. But overall i can´t see where they play your meme.

I also don´t defend the game. I know where ppl coming from with their pov. But i clearly don´t want just another copy from V2. And i can see the pro side of the armory compared to the chests. And right now it just doesn´t help to shitstorm the game day per day… on the contrary… it´ll kill its longevity for sure.

@Darth_Angeal Can you kindly remove your trolling self from this thread? Thanks.


Only if you actually make it in time. Some ppl can play only couple of hours a day or a week. Maybe try to look at it from a broader perspective.

As I said, I agree on principle, there are those who want everething now and exactly as they want it. No one cares about these entitled children.
It does not make the issues with the game any less apparent though.
I am playing it casue of the gameplay and WH40K, but I would like to enjoy it in its entirety.
As you put it “play it for the fun of it” - I am but every journey to the Mourningstar takes part of fun and enjoyment away.
Just my opinion though, do not expect anyone to care :wink:


They may not be trolling, but actually just delusional.

Darktide is a bad game. It just is. It has great core mechanics, but that’s it (and the OST, OST rips). Some people just don’t want to admit this. I was in that same camp until the last patch, I was also delusional.


What do you actually mean? That players are not able to finish certain missions, because they´re not available?
Yes of course it´s not that great, i know that. But overall the current system is at some point better in the long terms and doesn´t exclude one or another mission cause of reasons.

No i´m not. I just try to look at the stuff from another view instead of trashing down everything because it´s not Vermintide 3 or something. Also the 3rd time… fixing stuff needs time. It doesn´t help to spam the same stuff all day long and just saying “this is bad, that is bad, all is bad…” or “we want it to be Vermintide”.
It´s a new game and Vermintides system was far away from being perfect aswell. And if you want them to do it better, may come with some ideas instead of permabashing…

EDIT: A lot just blindly moan about everything instead of even thinking about pros / cons from one or another system and what it might cost.

Yes, that is what I mean.
I personally do not agree with your arguments. For example I am a lvl 30 on all chars, want to do my weekly things or go for some pennances. Since I am a bit expereinced I’d prefer to play T4-T5. I often cannot do that. I have to chose between playing on lvl I enjoy or on lower levels to complete my goals.
In short I am pushed to play something I enjoy less, ergo having less fun.
Seems rather detrimental in long-term don’t you think.