I've hit my limit

I know i posted a few times about pretty much the same thing but I want to keep posting out of desperation that maybe fatshark might see 1 of these and consider for 1 split second anything I or people in the comments are saying, I just want to add to the voices calling for this. The crafting locks must be removed. And as of this date I am completely uninstalling darktide. I poured my heart and soul into this game and I loved it for so long, I vouched for it, I said it would get better with updates, I said the fun came with learning the game but month after month after month the only thing I got back from darktide was insulting updates and one of the worst crafting systems I’ve ever seen in my life in any game I’ve played.

I still want to enjoy this game but until fatshark opens their eyes and realizes the crafting locks and the fact that the only way to get crafting materials is to pick them up in game and the only way you get a decent amount of materials is in damnation missions, these two things combined make this game completely meaningless. your time is wasted, your fun wanes when you realize that the only thing you have left is playing the same mission over and over and over and over and over not even to get the weapon you want but to continually consecrate and surrender or sell weapons in the hopes of getting the blessings you want to put on a weapon that you only get 30% customization on.

Ive never been more mad about any game in my life and I really mean that because I had so much hope for this game. I thought it would bring over DWONS tournaments from VT2 into this and I played like that was my goal but I cannot understand why fatshark hates fun so much, they hate creativity, they hate customization, they hate the idea that a player can be rewarded for dedicating their livelihood around the game they promised to fix. maybe I’m stupid for designing my twitch stream and youtube content around darktide, maybe I’m stupid for aspiring to be a fatshark partnered content creator. I can live with being stupid but I’m sure as hell also gonna be pissed off. so you know what, I quit. I’m done being a willing puppet for a game company that doesnt care about the game or the player base. have a good one y’all.


Understandable. Whilst I clocked insane amount of time in Darktide, this is hardly a seal of approval. I also have had my fill and play less. There is only as much as you can stretch the core gameplay and the atmosphere. It won’t replace actual content and game systems which are not designed in a malicious manner.


I do not understand why FS tries to murder this game.


RIP Darktide


Yeah, I think I too will divert my time to more satisfying pass time, like playing wrath and glory or dark heresy with friends. Hell, even cooking while listening to 40k audio books would feel much more 40k than this.

See ya, when they fix it. Or maybe in other 40k game.

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I know I might come off as a clown for wanting to remain playing, even though I have a game pass in Dead by Daylight I have to complete, but I’m just hoping anything I do will pay off when they release more worthwhile content.

Sometimes I play the game and I think to myself, I’m gonna change my Steam review from negative to positive, but still not recommend the game.



There’s a Gameplay Feedback section, it might gain more traction there?

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I am wondering for months now…

Someone from fatshark has to have seen the complaints. They are so present that you can’t just unsee them.
I don’t know why they don’t adress this sh*t at all. They have to have some sort of contract with the devil that forbids them to talk about the biggest painpoints of the remaining playerbase or they are just plainly stupid and want to get bankrupt.


Maybe they simply hate us?


I mean… That’s fair but hating their customers so obviously might not be the best business model. :upside_down_face:


At this point it’s pretty obvious they are deliberately trying to alienate the playerbase as much as they can.

The reason behind it might probably be what they teach nowadays in marketing schools.
Not sure what is better between being treated as a lab rat or a reject. A customer would be a good start but apparently it is too much to ask from these IRL deamonhosts.

The gaming industry is a huge playing field to experiment new things on human behaviors if you think about it, but for most people this hypothetical statement is just too harsh to consider.
People can’t be this evil right ? It has to be something else right ? :clown_face:


Daaaaang that’s some tin foil hat stuff :poop:

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Maybe they are shorting their own stock?

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You are not the only one. I personally have many other games that I can play and whose developers probably value my money and time a lot more.

If the next content drop is not good then I doubt this game will have any big resurgence on the market. There are so many other superior games coming out in few months that this one will be quickly forgotten at that point.

Its honestly sad how much they did not learn from vermintide2s mistake with even a stronger IP to boot.


You don’t need to be a tinfoiled flat-earther to realise there is something wrong with this company.
Everybody here is wondering what is their plan because it makes no sense from a reasonable point of view.
There is no way the people running this company can be this braindead over and over, so what is the reason behind it ? I would like to know.


I uninstalled the game as soon as the released the announcement that the second blessing would be locked for crafting. I could see where the odds would be and how awful it would be. I had hoped voting with my time would help, and that maybe the devs would even mention in an announcement what’s going on but… nothing. No word since then at all about crafting. They added brunt’s but that wasn’t addressing it. That was the frustration of people not being able to try out new weapons from content drops was more the real purpose for it’s existence.

It’s sad, VT2 was probably (and is) one of my favourite co-op multiplayer games and it’s frustrating when you can “see the potential” and not have it be realized. Especially when it’s something as simple as switching something from a 1 to a 0.

$lockvariable = 0


remove locks and make resources sharable

pros for you:

  • you can try new builds (both character and weapons)
  • have more fun => better reviews
  • your friends have more fun => better reviews

cons for you:

  • you gonna play too much

pros for fs:

  • more copies will get sold
  • bigger pool of players to buy cosmetics

cons for fs:

  • bigger playerbase to maintain

Bro it is a 40$ horde shooter. Touch. Grass.


There’s two things at play that I’ve noticed.

The first one is that they’re doing what they did with the Vermintide games, release too early and use the playerbase as playtesters who paid for the privilege. Those people who predicted that the game would be worth playing in a year or two look like they’re being proven right.

The other thing is that someone on the dev team (maybe the whole team, I dunno) has a hardon for the ‘rush’ of RNG mechanics. There’s probably some numbers backing them up, but they really seem to despise deterministic ways to work through RNG, and want players to feel the ‘rush’ of getting a great roll through pulling the slot handle instead of working towards a goal.


While I agree RNG can be a good spice when used in moderation, these guys have gone completely overboard to the point where the whole system is pointless & painful.
It’s like being served a whole bowl of salt with some bits of food mixed in at a restaurant, the ratio is @$$-backwards.
The issue is that games like destiny, borderlands & Diablo that use similar RNG loot mechanics constantly bombard the player with a flood of colorful stuff to sift through and play with, whereas darktide treats it like a special occasion to give you a single piece of equipment that has a similar 3% chance of actually being something useful.
Add to that, that in all the aforementioned games, the level of the loot you find is always tied to your current equipment level, so that it at least has the potential to be useful, even if it’s not what you’re looking for; this encourages people to try out different things.
Darktide doesn’t even do that, most of the items you find at maximum level are far too weak to be off any use in any build, I don’t know why they think it’s a good idea to even include “trash” in the loot pool, it serves no purpose whatsoever, it’s just a waste.
It just can’t decide what it wants to be, and lacks real reward and motivation to succeed in making players want to keep playing.