Crafting locks and RNG are ruining the game for me

As of now i have 563 hours on Darktide. 563 hours of playing this game and I still only have about 4 really good melee weapons and 2 really good ranged weapons on my zealot, which I main. Those numbers would easily be tripled if I didn’t have to waste 80% of my plasteel on weapons that roll a 2 trash tier traits and force me to play another 20 hours of special condition missions to farm enough money to buy 40 of the same weapon from Brunt’s armory so I can finally find one with a rating 370-380 and then try my luck again and just pray I can get lucky enough to have 1 more decent weapon.

The level of RNG in this game, in the crafting and shop specifically is absolutely insulting to people that devote so much time into this game. I’m sorry if this comes off the wrong way but after 563 hours I should have god rolls of every weapon I enjoy using on every class I play. Why would I want to keep playing and farming for blessings I want and good traits when I know no matter what I do 50% of how effective my builds are will be left entirely up to a roll of the dice. I can’t even say like “oh I thought of this funny [insert weapon] build with [insert traits and blessings], the blessing synergy with my talents is really fun and interesting!” that will never happen because I don’t even get the option to think of funny builds.

I just cannot understand why fatshark just doesn’t want people to be able to be creative or try new things and its indescribably infuriating because I still love this game. I want to see it change for the better but that’s not want I’m seeing and I’m really starting to lose faith in the idea that this game will be good eventually.

tl;dr Crafting locks are ruining creativity and fun; unlucky rolls = wasted materials = wasted time

If the crafting doesn’t get fixed, I quit


I have over 1000 hours in this game. Id still play if the locks were removed. Fatshark seems to think by locking gear combos behind artificial time constraints that it will somehow extend the gameplay loop. It might for a bit, but alot of people simply do not have the will to grind, and will quit. I dont blame them.

The logic FS employs here is flawed . What would i do if the locks were removed, and rng loosened? Not quit playing like FS thinks.

Id experiment. Godamn i might even enjoy it.what a novel concept.

Dude I actual think fatshark will eventually cave on the locks. No bull-s$#@. There really is no way to defend the rng craft-hell-loop. Its indefensible. Backlash can occasionally get through. Dont blame you for having wavering faith about the game.

FatShark, kindly get the f@#$ out of your own way for once, and ALLOW fun to be had.


maybe FS is planning break the locks DLC. $9.99 for perks, $14.99 for blessings. $29.99 for both* :wink:

*) you can only buy one DLC per week


And you don’t get to choose which one you buy. It is RANDOM.


It’s not a dlc though but a one week subscription that needs to be renewed.

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aka crafting week special, i like it

jokes aside, its scary even to think how many ppl would go for something like this

//edit: after having a moment to reflect on this, indeed it sounds like something from GaaS playbook, buy a skin, get 10 locks removed

We’ve been talking about this issue since the game came out, and it’s still, probably, the biggest issue with the game and the biggest reason people are quitting.
It also has a huge impact on other game mechanics such as balance because how do you balance a weapon people spent hundreds of hours rolling for?

However, since the Design Intent™ of the game comes from a person or persons with severely limited cognitive abilities and inability to understand the basic principals of cause and effect our universe is based on, I don’t think it will ever change in the lifetime of this game.
Better luck in DT2 which should definitively be based on some other people’s Design Intent™ .
Fingers crossed…

Was going to post a similar theme, but only having 380 hours myself I feel a fraud!

Ive never seen many of the blessings people talk about. Despite lvl5 completions on 3/4 characters I still get given lvl310 gear from Brunt, and often get a t2 blessing. I think I’ve unlocked maybe 10 tier 4 skills or something across my characters?

I guess I don’t really need better stuff, but it’d be nice to have tried out that power cycler sword before someone decided it was too good. Or lacerate v4 before zealot nerf (take your pick of them!)

I don’t really understand the decision to rarify so many options : if this design is to extend the life of the game for newbies then seriously, that boat sailed with the crappy launch. If its to keep oldies playing then that’s just not going to work without better, newer content. Which oddly, VT2 seems to be getting more of :roll_eyes:

Agree, I don’t necessarly care that much about the grind as it keep me occupied to try to get one weapon of each type high enougth and I’m not to demanding when it come to stats. But the trait lock mean I can’t try several options on the same weapon and with how costly they are I really have to choose which one to main.

I think either the lock or the large rng has to go. So we can either have on good weapon of each type we adapt as we need, or a lot of weapon we can select from.

Best world would be to have both changed. I’m impressed by how much worse they managed to make the system compared to Vtide already flawed idea.

I really like collecting material to build my weapons but it is so hard to get one good one with the correct perk that I can’t try new combinations on a whim like I could in Vtide. If I want to see how the bleed based zealot feel then I have to commit on it for one to two weeks and see if it was worth it.

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