#BreaktheLocks, again

Well, one of my biggest concerns when it came to locks was the ever changing landscape of buffs and nerfs combined with players inability to adapt their weapon blessings/perks. It just happened.

Ended up spending 5 million last night just to watch hadron brick the 8 weapons that were worth consecrating.

The new patch is great, but the crafting system still desperately needs to be adjusted.

You guys worked so hard on the talent front to allow players free agency in how they get to play the game, only to ruin it with the way the locks are set up on gear.

I know you are likely working in the background trying to come up with a solution to how the crafting system works, for now, I think the best solution is to simply remove the locks to allow players to have agency and experiment with builds unimpeded.

380s with great stats are not easy to come by. I’ll be holding onto the ones I have in hopes that you guys will change things up on the crafting front


Remove the dark design player addiction RNG crap, Fatshark. Just make a good game, keep improving it, and retain players by making a game people actually want to keep playing.


Imo the meat of the game is in a great place right now. Literally the only thing hamstringing the game is the crafting system.

I don’t even care if fully unlocking a weapon costs 5 million to do. I just at least want something sure to work towards


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Yup, the biggest problem with the game remains the excessive RNG of getting good items.

It’s supposed to be a system that hooks you for long term play, but it currently does the exact opposite. It just makes me want to give up the moment I stop thinking about just enjoying the moment to moment gameplay and start thinking about long term goals for my character.


Completely agree.

To me the biggest issue with locks is it actively punishes players as soon as you do any balance changes to the game. Knowing this completely decentivises me to want good gear. Booted up the game to check out the new update, looked up a decent gun in Melks, then I end up thinking about the time cost of the resources for the weapon combined with the possibility that I’ll end up with an expensive paperweight if Fatshark decide to look funny at the perks/blessings active on it.

At which point I close the shop and just go on with mid-tier gear while hoarding resources in hope that FS eventually come to their senses.

That isn’t fun.


NGL, I downloaded the mod that buys weapons until a specific rarity from brunt and it was just soul rending.

It let me fast forward to get my like 8 377+ weapons I wanted… just so I could walk over and watch hadron brick them hard. In the span of 20 minutes I went through 5 million ordo dockets… the entire experience drained my will to even play the game…


Brunt is a scam, but also the only way to get anything outside of constantly checking a frikking time-gated shop. It’s unthinkably bad game design. Outright malicious.


Rebalancing is inevitable though, so it’s always a matter of time before you just get screwed

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…I think you’ve missed my point.

If my weapon perks/blessings get balanced into the nerf zone then without locks I can just swap out my blessings and carry on with my life.

If the locks are in play I have a 380 power paperweight that I spent a huge time investment on acquiring.


Yeah, vermintide had countless hours of replayability since you could just respec your gear into different builds. Old build got nerfed? Do you homework and make a new one that works in the current version of the game.

The locks force you back to square 1 for your gear grind, which just encourages players to get disenheartened and give up. That’s why this game has hemorrhaged so many players over the past year.


@Reginald you are needed again


For what pvrpose? THE @brosgw already chadfully memorialized this thread.

Tbh i agree in many ways with the posters but most of my gear is still viable or even good so i’m not hurting personally. A few weapons got bricked in favor of weapons that used to be bricked. Still, in my latest darktide review i basically said that crafting remains a key negative.


Oh, I’ll have to check that one out! I just like your opinions and videos is all =D

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lets go! the tide never breaks or falter , a tide of righteous fury for our rights. Fight men! Fight for your rights to live!

The locks still NEED to be broken.


Again, i think that they have something in the works in the background, but for the time being just end the suffering, its pretty unnecessary at this point.


Upgrade to red, breaks all the locks. Diamantine dump. Easy fix.


i lost 6000 plasteel today on weapons that turned out to be bricks and now thanks to the force crossplay updates for whenever they decide to eventually maybe revamp locks’ll come super duper slower than usual hahahahahaha this sucks man


I’d drop 10k diamantine in a heartbeat if that’s what it took to break all the locks… I just want some path, any path…