The true endgame in Darktide

Is not the atrocious crafting, it’s not T5 hi-int shock, it’s whining endlessly on the forums.


thats every game though


Yes. And I’ll continue to do so until the game improves.


You and me both!


Honestly if they released an announcement just saying:

“We heard your feedback on crafting locks and we aren’t willing to change this, it doesn’t fit our vision for the game” yadadada, I would at least be like “Ok well, sucks but I guess I can just hit “ignore” on all darktide news and never look at the game again, and stop pestering the forums”.


It’s like that ex that keeps texting you to get attention but never wants to meet up and have sex!


And that’s exactly why they’ll never say anything about it.

If Fatshark has any intention to do anything about this, they probabaly would’ve said something, somewhere along the line, to hint at it. Then again, this is FS and they are masters of missing opportunities to build good will, so even if they intended to make a change they probably wouldn’t say much before and would instead just drop it on us.

But let’s be honest, there is a very slim chance that Fatshark will ever do anything about the locks. Nothing done to date would suggest otherwise.


In Waframe its fashion.


Yeah, you would think. It makes sense… but it would also make sense if we provided enough ammunition in terms of support, numbers, people not playing, etc. that as a business use case, purpose of the video game is to make money and for the consumer it’s to have fun, you would think they would just adapt. I don’t know if it’s because they think it’s a minority or that they’ll make more money off the types of people who want an eternal grind or not. Otherwise it just doesn’t make any psychological sense to me. Which is why I have been trying to show them some of the reasons are untrue.

Fatshark potentially thinks:

A.) The locks aren’t unpopular, just a vocal minority (Hopefully we have dissuaded them of this notion).
B.) The locks aren’t causing people to stop playing the game (Hopefully we have dissuaded them of this notion).
C.) They believe A and B to be true but aren’t willing to change it due to pride, time, effort, tencent, whatever.
D.) They believe A and B to be true, but still think that they would make more money in the long run despite this (whales, micro transactions, etc.)
E.) They want the game to fail.
F.) They are just crazy and insane.

All I have been trying to do is argue for A and B being untrue. As well as them being unfair and unfun. But if the reasons are C-F there’s nothing I can do.


I mean every game has there share of doomers and toxic community posts… If the game is ‘good’ then they will be a minority. If a majority of your community has (valid) complaints/concerns then maybe, just maybe, it’s not the community but your game.

I also feel that FS has burned its community’s goodwill so many times, that players are becoming more and more vitriol


This is very accurate. I try to be fair and i still praise the parts of the game that are good. But i think the spice i’ve sent their way has been quite fair.


The floggings shall continue until morale improves!


I know that there is definitely more crafting content coming and ways to make your gear better and reliably so. I digged through the content. Not spoiling what, though.

obviously you werent having enough fun with the game that it kept you from making yet another ‘endless whining’ thread.

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if fat shark was remotely competent at forum moderation, crafting, or setting t5 difficulty no crying would exist.

Communication is key.

If a forum highlights same thing again and again. Action it.


“We are aware players are raising queries on crafting locks”

Option 1: We are currently looking into this and will update on decision, the what and the why by end of June/July or provide further update then.

Option 2: We have looked into this and decided to keep crafting locks as they are.

Bad news is still news rather than say nothing or just by saying “Not happening” will simply end the conversation once and for all.

Communication and set expectations. Creating a bug fix/QOL/Feature change in a table of what is being worked on, stages and ETA release. Sort of thing developers do as team to show visibility.

Here is an example from another PvE coop game below. Stops people asking about same thing over and over on forums.

The Division 2 Known Issues | Trello


I think they are competent at Forum Moderation.
This Forum is moderated, but very lightly. You can say whatever you think, just don’t veer off too hard into politics / religion or insult / flamebait others.


Well, they automatically close topics after 8 days of non-discussion so that any recurring questions have to be reposted, so I don’t exactly think that’s a competent forum moderation.

For someone who just casually pops in, either to check in on the game’s development to see if anything’s improved or to see if someone had a similar issue, it does a poor job of consolidating information and allows ‘troublesome’, but pertinent, topics to be buried.

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It’s not consistent, either. This thread has had more than a month between periods of replies, but never been closed. Maybe they whitelist some threads if they’re still relevant?

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I know that the ones that I was most interested in keeping up on, usually with a large negative slant towards Fat Shark because of the frustration, all were closed after they implemented that rule.

Makes keeping track of issues that I felt strongly about tough on here, so I go to other places on the internet instead to keep track of the things that I want.