Darktide is Mostly negative on Steam with 39% recent reviews

This is going to turn a lot of potential new players away. And the complains is the reviews are literally almost all the same.
No content
No Engame
Too much RNG
Broken promises

And the only thing everyone agrees is the highlight of the game is the great gameplay.
Fatshark needs to do something.


This wasn’t suppose to happen until the end of the next week.

WTF happened yesterday with all the negative reviews ???
Screenshot 2023-01-21 115231

Maybe the further delay on the Community update ? Like a lot of people were hoping for Friday and then it was delayed again


Yeah, after reading some of those comments from yesterday, it seems you are right.


Week #3 of ‘we have absolutely nothing’, except it was confirmed to be even worse than that, since Catfish confirmed that the only thing in the next update would be small bug fixes, so any real content is far far away. No mention of crafting.


game is a mess with nice gameplay, i dont expect FS to fix it in this year no chance. i have 400h (250h of fun more or less) in, i got my money worth. i would fix optimalization before crafting ( this version of crafting is crap by most ppl anyway) ye it will take like year or more for game to feel good. dont forget new class every 3 months :smiley:

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We all got told they still dont have anything ready and i thijk that broke the camel’s back. It’s been “next week” for over a month.

I’ve contributed. Yesterday I changed my review to a thumb down. It will stay like that until we get crafting… At least

I want crafting. They can, eventually, ameliorate it in future, but I want this $-_$)# crafting.
I need it to take fun instead of frustration.
The system is enough good. My concern is about the refining that block one perk. But, except that, it is fine enough


It has actually dropped to 38% in the last few hours.

I suppose the camels back finally broke.


At some point they did address the issues that the community has with crafting, saying that they would roll it out first and then look at tuning it. Haven’t seen anything about it since.

It could of course be the case that they are reworking a lot of major systems, but at this point it wouldn’t surprise if they will leave Darktide as a live service behind and start working on the next project instead (learning from past mistakes, etc. etc. :no_mouth:).

If they go for this, I advice them, strongly, to change the name of their company…

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The consequences of only caring about releasing the cash shop.


Even if they change the name of the company it will still follow, the Tide genre would most likely go back to an empty space for some time

Would be sad that there aren’t that many melee games like them

If part of their decision is to fix it after rolling it out then it should be rolled out without delay. Like they suggested when they said ‘the rest of the crafting system will be rolled out in December’ which was yet more coded Hedge speak for ‘I am stalling’.

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They said crafting would roll out in December. I’m surprised it took this long for peole to turn.


It’s a damn shame about this game; many players are reducing their playtime, and few have abandoned the game as it seems the developers have done the same. So much potential but very bad execution. RIP DT, you could have been amazing.


I for one am sorry for this game, but I don’t think I had high expectations, and yet I was disappointed a lot. And whenever I feel sorry for the game because of the good sides and people behind it, I go through all the reasons why I don’t recommend it.


That’s the Next Week™ meme in action.
People are feeling betrayed (rightfully so) and are voicing their opinion in the only way that has an impact since Fatshark clearly ain’t listening.

My expectations were very low, too. It could have been a reskin of Vermintide 2 and I wouldn’t have been measurably disappointed.

This has managed to disappoint me more than Dawn of War III even.


You can only keep saying Next Week for so long, and I think the news that only small hotfixes were on the way really sealed the deal. There’s no way a studio of 150+ people couldn’t have been pumping out daily hotfixes. Hell, people in this very forum have pointed out obvious and dumb mistakes in the LUA that it would take no time at all to fix (wrong names for statuses etc). And yet they can’t be bothered. Every single person is doing nothing but working on getting Xbox released, and they couldn’t give half a sh*it about all the people that have already given them money.