Darktide should be less than 10% positive on steam

Even the negative reviews mention that the game itself is good, so your post is non-constructive. Some of the known complaints are crafting, crashing and RNG.


“I no longer play HLL/ Civ VI/ Total War, therefore they are bad games” /flawless logic my dude.

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But also positive reviews tell people not to buy the game

From what I ve read, strong bad points are:

  • game is unfinished (crafting not here)
  • game lacks of content
  • FS does not communicate and has not fulfilled its promises

And really few reviews that quote RNG…
This makes me wonder how Steam show the reviews to its users…

I told it a long time ago… I wait crafting. Once we get it, I will change my review for a thumb up.

Today, when trying to make a new revolver, I got this:

To give you an idea of the work, this is my 3th revolver I craft.
For me it is nearly perfect. Off course I would have loved to get +5% increased ranged critical strike chance, off course I would have loved hand cannon +50%, and to get it perfect 80% as damages and penetration. But, this is enough for me to consider that it is what I want… except sustained fire. This blessing will be replaced by surgical +4% once we get the crafting.
That’s exactly why I wanted crafting…

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Look I get that the usual game is to hyper focus on one good item and go “I don’t see the problem with the RNG system” but it’s getting kind of tiresome.

The argument is not entirely about f you get a good item or not but having 0 control over any aspect if you do and how the system seems designed to be as frustrating as humanly possible and not respect your time.

I outlined it in this post here in a rant:

The whole system being RNG makes any progress obnoxious. It expects that you are going to login every hour to check if the store rolled anything worthwhile or check their web app. Even finding cool stuff I’m so frustrated by the time I find it that it deflated any sense of accomplishment because I did nothing to earn that, I lucked into it.

Everyone seems to take photos whenever there is a great item but here’s us a challenge, take one every time you get some trash and compare and contrast.

People focused on the crafting because it’s potentially the one place to fix most of the issues but it’s far from the only issue with the system.

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I won’t discuss about RNG etc. cause it is just blocked discussion. Someone explained very well how it works with a game like this one. You will get same as VT2 at the end of the development of the game.

I have several weapons like the one I have shown. I have one good revolver, I just showed, for my zealot. Tbh, I was too happy to get the blessing I want on this one even if I knowed that my odds were 25% to get one of the two blessings I wanted (off course this is not considering the tier obtained).
Got one with the blessing I wanted from emperor and good stats for my veteran (I spend less time on this char).
I have a combat axe good enough on my veteran and tactical axe good on both chars.

I have also a combat axe and a combat blade on my zealot that can be very good after they will deliver the crafting (in fact I have several that will be different).
I have a good flamer that I can ameliorate with the new system (this one is already very good).
I have also 2 good agri brauto found on Merk’ shop that are perfects and where I could tweak one blessing.
I don’t have yet a good catachan sword… but sure I have seen that I have T4 blessings, savage sweep (on a 380 modifier weapon) and also an an other (thunderstrike), . So I will look into that.
I have several good crushers with good modifiers and will try to get one I like (have several that I can get blessings)
I won’t continue… But saying “one”… No I don’t have one good item. I have plenty of such weapons that are already good or that will benefit from the new system.
This is not expectations, this is facts.

And now back on this topic, and my post. At one time I have said that I have changed my thumb up review on steam for a thumb down. And if you check this discussion, you will see that I am constant in what I say and that I don’t excuse Fatshark for every move they do, or that they don’t do.
Why did I change my review to a thumb down?
Cause we did not have crafting and that it was really frustrating. Also I changed it cause they (FS) did not fulfill their promises. They said that they would deliver it in december. In january they told us “sorry it is Christmas + 8 days, maybe after xbox port…”
That was, for me, totally unacceptable.

But this game is great. This game as a core game absolutely amazing. Lot of reviews I have read tell this. And that’s also my point of view. I have not taken so much fun for a long long time.
So, as I said, I will change my review for a thumb up once we get crafting.
This game has actually mixed opinions (54%) and negative for recent reviews. If they finish what they promised to deliver, I think it deserves to return to something globally positive.

At this rate, nothing short of a No Man’s Sky level of hunkering down and crunching this game out will save it.

That’s great that you got LUCKY enough to have all those good enough weapons… I’m sitting on a pile of absolute junk after 500+ hours, THATS the issue people are having with the system as it is described in the devblogs… There is no guarantee that you’re working towards something, it could happen the day you level up to 30, or it could happen 5 years later…

I agree on this, however this includes more than just RNG based crafting for me. They promised meaningful character development, deep talent trees, a new unique class every quarter, a constant drip feed of new content. They even promised to have learned from the previous games, where “repetitive random actions are something we want to avoid”. Last time I played I spent 45 minutes clicking “reroll perk” to randomly get the perk that I wanted…


:point_up: This

It’s too late for some of this but they could try and make up for the lost good will instead, somehow. I think that the bare minimum is to deliver on what they promise or to deliver something similar.

For context on something similar: The design choice for having a limited number of classes* was motivated with a statement that the game would have meaningful character development and a deeper skill/talent system. With the current system they’d have to up the number of options, at least, to make it similar in value to what was advertised.

*e.g. 4 archetypes instead of 5 & 4 classes instead of 15

I would probably get back into the game if they figure out the horendous loot RNG-situation, but my negative review will remain until I feel like they’re up to par with what was advertised.


„I was lucky and got what i wanted, so the rng is fine and nobody should complain.“
That is basically your logic.


I mean again, that’s the crux of the argument.

I’ve gotten some good gear but random contracts on random missions with random item rewards on characters with no shared resources is a bad system that feels bad beyond belief. You can get good rolls all you want but it doesn’t change that it’s a system that really gives the player no control over anything beyond some stat rolls even after the update comes out.

Yeah people are focusing on the weapons because at the moment that’s what we have direct control over and has the most impact in game but you’re really telling me you don’t have a problem with every mission being randomized especially when weekly contracts exist which requires specific missions and secondaries on top of just having content locked to something that maybe happens once a day?

Like no believe it or not I don’t want to play the same 3 missions 4 or 5 times especially when it’s the only mission that a secondary rolls on (which I need to get done incase there just happens to be a significant upgrade in the milk store).

The reason RNG comes up in the conversation because the game has nothing but rng and it’s really irritating

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Not question of “I was lucky”.

If you read, i was lucky several times for lot of weapons. I have been lucky in craft, on the merk’ shop and also from emperor’s gifts. Off course you can tell me that there is a chance you never get one item with 1 blessing you want, however the odds are against this more than the odds that you would, at one time, get a weapon with 1 blessing you want.
For my revolver, it was a grey weapon. I consecrated it to blue and had a bad blessing. I took the risk cause I known that I had 25% chances to get 1 blessing I wanted.
I could not have it. However it was the 3rd I crafted. Statistically, on 4 revolvers I would have one with one blessing I want.

I know that you want to have a 100% chances to get what you want. From what I have read, VT2 had not this possibility at the beginning and yet, you don’t have red weapons easily. Come back in 3 years, you will surely see something similar in DT.

But that’s not the point. The point is that, my opinion, is that the game, once crafting is delivered, deserve positives reviews.
You can disagree, but that what I think.
So I strongly disagree with the OP.

And this is the level of blind toxicity that just makes me sad to look at.
If DT removed all progression sh-t and just made it L4D style (hop in, find weapons on the ground, progress)
It would be 85%+ on steam

Game is good, everything else is sh-t. And once FS adds this patch AND THEY ALSO MUST ADD shared resources and weapons
(optimalisation is a given ofc)
Then the game can finally start to rise

NMS covered multiplayer LOGO ON PRINTED copies of the game. Just so we are clear on the difference between DT and NMS

I agree about that. Would it keep people playing? not sure. But, maybe.
But, there’s no need to make DT a L4D you could just imagine a system where you craft your weapon with materials and add accessories that cost material.
And stats would be the outcome of the accessories you had chosen. Considering you would have to choose what you would put on the gun, it would permit to create any weapon configuration, would give a control for the player on the crafting of a weapon and would keep a system where you have to play missions to get materials.
Sadly, that was not their choice. They decided to put again something similar as VT2, so, with part of RNG.

This game is literally broken in a lot of ways, I have reported many serious bugs which are still not fixed months after release. Also there is the awful game design decisions, like the insane grind, rng sh-t, awful crafting system. There is also the terrible optimization. The experimental beta is stable for me, but the official version crashes constantly. I stopped playing it recently because it is just too frustrating.

Yet you are all still here, 3 months on.

but I am not bothering to play it lol


You acting like a guy who complains about his ex-wife, but cannot move on. I’m really putting this as politely as possible. Move on.

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:joy: thank you Ghutts. I’m sure Grave and few others can “fix her”.

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