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If the vermintide “community” feels the need to review bomb the game out of spite, why cant those of us that do enjoy it, do the same and review the game out of love?

PSA: there is a survey on the launcher. If you want changes, you should take it. Its a few clicks.




Lmao, there is no review bomb. The game is being properly assessed by it’s player base. Read the negative reviews and almost ALL of them are reluctant in the extreme, espousing the good qualities of the game and desire for it to overcome it’s flaws, but being unable to recommend it in it’s current state.




I wish there was a review bombing going on.

The game is just that bad, current reviews are justified, in fact, I think a “mixed” rating is too generous, as in its current state I feel it deserves a mostly negative rating.


I really like a lot of parts of the game. That is why I wrote a negative review, because there is a lot of potential in this game. However, as it stands, it has a lot of work to be done on it. There’s a lot missing from it that was supposed to be in it. If you want the game to improve, sometimes reasonable criticism in the form of a negative review can be a way to help the game improve.

If people see the reviews, and don’t buy the game, that encourages the company to improve on it. It can drive the developers to work harder and figure things out in order to up sales. People shouldn’t be vicious and throw a child-like temper tantrum sure, but people should absolutely give some critique on a game in this state.


Sadly it is no review bomb. I do still have a positive review up for the game says something like if you like 40k its worth a go. Was written ten hours in :smiley:

I’m not going to change it, probably should have written some erm other stuff in there but cba

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How many of you are playing it?

What is your playtime?

What is your main gameplay complaint?

I’m playing

My playtime is embarrassingly high

Games not finished yet imo


So youa re enjoying it?

mmm atm I’m farming crafting mats waiting for crafting system. Not sure how long I can continue to wait though but yeh I have fun when I’m playing sure.


Im at 500+ dont feel bad.

All my chars are at 30 and they all have weapons in the 480+ rating, curios at 140+ I am also farming mats lol

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300 Hours

Phantom hits, unable to find a group of 4 in a minute for matchmaking, penance hunters, shop rng, unfinished crafting, poxwalkers and dogs not reacting to pushes(timing mechanics), enemies shooting through walls when they are above you, to name a few.


The not enough players/penance hunters doesnt count, its a people issue.

Crafting yeah it sucks its not complete.

But is the game as bad as people are making it out to be? is 300 hrs in a “bad” game really mean it is a “bad game” .

Does it really deserve people ganging up to post stuff hoping the company goes under? No it does not.

What it does deserve is people being honest as to why they do not like the game, and why they do and reviewing it accordingly.

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I’ve gtg now, put the coffe machine on you might be here a while making a thread like this. Good luck :slight_smile:

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It’s an issue actively promoted by the game’s design.


yeah the 50k bad reviews do nothing to scare new buyers away.

I did review it. Gave it a negative one.


I would farm mat for craft as well if it was account wide… I have not enough faith to do it in ALL my chars…


Yes Im hoping they do something about it, its crazy