Since release (ignoring the reviews on beta), the game has a 47% positive rating on steam

Was curious, decided to tally the review totals excluding the pre-release beta. Figured I’d share here.


So we’re sitting at majority negative. Most days have more negative reviews than positive. Thought it was interesting how much the beta is carrying the current rating of 63% positive. I think this illustrates how people’s grievances with the game are legitimate and quite widespread, and it’s not just a bubble of “whiners” like I’ve seen suggested on here, reddit or the discord. Objectively, the majority of players are frustrated with the game.


In general, forums will either have fervent defenders or fervent haters.

Reviews tho on the other hands on a massive scale are definitely an indicator of the perception of the game and how it is doing.


I don’t think it makes sense to discount all the beta reviews. The player base that played during beta would be people who are passionate about 40k or Vermintide. It’s kinda like saying “no one likes this game if you ignore the dedicated fanbase”. I’m sure plenty of people who gave a positive review in the beta stand by that review now, they could change it if they don’t.

It doesn’t change much anyway. The fact that this game is sitting at 63% despite having great core gameplay and art, the constant miscommunication, the frustration of the community on the forums and the tone of Milk and Cookies last video (despite being a sponsored content creator) demonstrate that something has gone catastrophically wrong at Fatshark.

That’s fair - but a lot of those reviews are also “this is a great beta I can’t wait for the full game” when that WAS the full game. So idk

I also wasn’t necessarily trying to make a grand point out of this, I was mostly interested in seeing how padded the beta period actually was - and it was a lot more than I was expecting.

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Maybe they should do something about how the game is designed for the acquisition of quality weapons to be “an absolute treat and far from the norm”, and scrap that design philosophy entirely.

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As was pointed out by Schuetzenhaus those reviews were writen with the idea that it was a beta. What a surprise that the beta was almost indistinguishable from the “full game”! It is so blatant that if you go to your game in steam and check it STILL says “preorder beta”, which is either hilarious or very sad.