Not a review, BETA feedback

First of all: Thank you Fatshark for your hard work and dedication. I have faith in the development of this game and I hope I get to enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay for the years to come with this and coming games in the 40k universe.

Alright, I played both V1 and V2 with friends for years, enjoyed the crap out om them both. I love the 40k universe and have high hopes for Darktide and its ongoing development over the years to come.

Since this was a BETA, a fact that has not been obvious to some testers, this is not a review of the game but of the test that was done this weekend.

There has been a lot of good feedback in the forums and some not so constructive to the team at Fatshark. So here goes:

-Love the artwork, the level design, the ambiance and the diffrent scopes of the maps. small tight corridors and vast huge areas where one can take in the massive hive city. The team has really outdone themselfs here, captured the 40k universe magnificently!

  • I like the idea of classes and that there will be more coming, sure 4 classes seem little for launch but if we get 1 new class every few months for the coming year making it 8-10 DIFFERENT classes I’m all for it. Let’s leave the Careers of V1-V2 behind. More classes, biggers diffrences between them for both ranged, melee, skills and “Blitz”/granade.
    Give me a tech preast novice, another psyker, one or more imperial guard classes, a inquisitors aide ( one from their retinue). A warrior from one of the less developed systems maybe.

  • I like the melee combat and the ranged combat as well. At first when a horde or elite/special is charging it’s great to sink a clip or 2 into them and then switch up to melee while maybe a sharpshooter standing behind can keep shooting/ taking down specials and elites. I love it.
    The melee combat that was great in V1-V2 makes a come back. Keep developing it and making the weapons feel more unique and different.

  • The different enemies: Love the models, the variety and that you need several of the diffrent classes to take them down efficiently. But let’s keep adding more types and maybe unique types for some maps. Bosses I’m sure there are more than the 1 that was present in beta. There needs to be at least 4-6 diffrent ones with some MAJOR diffrences.

-I like the Mourningstar lobby, the feeling of being a part of something greater than yourself and not a merry band of 4 like in Vermintide. I would like to see players not clipping into eachother but I get that it’s a challenge. I imagine that there will be lots of cool weapons and outfits in the complete game and running around and seeing everyone looking awesome and different is nice.

-Voice acting, mostly great, some repetition but nothing too problematic. I hope voice lines will get more varied in the complete game and with more maps making different combos of voice lines.

  • The Lasgun. It feels lore accurate. Love the sound, the feel and the las rounds flaring through the dark.

-Being able to have more of the same class in a squad. This is great even thought there was not much you could vary in that class from the next guy playing it, I like this.


-A sensitivity slider for mouse is a MUST. Not having this in the beta was a huge mistake. This will be in the released product I’m sure so not much of an issue really. One thing though: Make is so we can have one setting for melee, one for ranged and one sensitivity setting for ADS/ scope.

-I’d like for the classes to have 1 more option for their ability and/or their granade skill. Like a molotov, something with slowing properties, something for single target like a friggin throwable spear, maybe something with a brief barricade function. Another aura option would be nice as well. But if more classes come quickly and have a good variety of skills, abilites I see this as fine.

  • The bars on the weapons that shows damage/ stability/ cleave/ first target and so on needs incriments or numbers. also the Icons needs a legend box in the same screen. I just want to hover over something and it will tell me the name of what that trait is and what it does.

  • Item comparison needs to be in the shop with and in the inventory comparing item equipped with the ones you have and the ones in the shop.

  • Why no stats in outfits? We had it in vermintide? I want more things I can change other than weapons. I want stats and traits on headgear, body armor, legs, insignia and so on.

  • A room or part of the Mourningstar that is for my private squad/ lobby. A place we can try out our weapons, skills. An arena with servitor enemies representing different enemy types or some combat dummy at least.

  • some options for looking for partys when doing quickplay: level range, unique classes or not to be toggled on/off. map selection, one or more maps selected when looking for a squad.

  • Optimization is a given, needs to be adressed.

-Push to talk on Voice chat. also option to mute single players in squad.

  • Some things need clarification: In the classes some things are mentioned such as agony and other things I can’t remember right now. These things needs to be explained ON that skill or item it affects.

-A “help” function directly available on pressing esc, same as options or social. This need a search function where you can type whatever you want more info on: Being a skill, a status effect, an enemy type, what the hell is carapace armor and what is flak armor? needs to be in here.
a list of enemies, weapons, factions, lore, characters, history of Atoma and the Mourningstar and so on.

I will almost certainly add more to this post on a later time.

The Emperor Protects.

- Burn The Heretic, Kill The Mutant, Purge The Unclean.

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