145hs in, feedback/suggestions dump, randomic order

Boy oh boy its pretty good, i already sold it to 2 people who didn’t liked vermintide back in the day, and we are all have a blast, really great game, nice job.

However not everything is flowers and rainbows, the progression once again is a slogfest, some of the family men are having trouble leveling ONE character and they are heading to the same give up point other people reached in vermintide 2, where they level one character and stop playing shortly after.

The Mourning Star is underwhelming, yes you can gather with other players and interact with some NPCs but theres no activities to do together, voip doesn’t seem to work there, can’t see the point of having the hub for now, i do see the potential though.

Had some performance issues in one map in specific (the one you scan the meat tree), but thanks to amd fsr i been playing on high settings without a problem with my rx580 8gb ram, didn’t crash as much as other people strangely enough, perhaps the rngesus just likes me.

The care to detail on every mission is pretty impressive, details everywhere some even hidden on unorthodox angles, wich i like a lot please do that again on future maps.

Mobs spawning behind me is annoying and cheap, they sometimes make no sound as they approach so it really feels like they just spawned there.

The hud is functional but as stated on other threads i wish it had numeric information or looked better, perhaps add unlockable huds in future patches, go crazy on it, if it is optional then its ok to get bulky or minimalist, perhaps a call back to vermintide 1 or 2, other 40k games.

So far i max leveled psycher, ogryn and veteran, all of them are very good, wish more weapons for each but so far they are pretty great, however the veteran power sword invalidates anything else melee wise.

Loved to death the plasma gun, visually and audio wise it is my favorite gun, one thing i would like some change is the projectile trace and aftermatch, i feel like it should have more of a dissipating energy trace on the line of fire after fully charged shot also a perfect hole carved on whatever is big enough to not explode on lethal shot.

Some cloths on open air maps doesn’t move even though you can hear wind howling, could that be changed?

My wishlist on the story department is to have more exclusive enemy lines related to the mission you are in currently or class currently selected, perhaps give scab shotgunners the ability to lead other units and give him the ability of display some planning, remember a hero is only as cool as the enemies they fight.

PLEASE let me lock doors, thank you.

I want more ways to set up the scenario when i know enemies are storming in at some point, like having traps, mines, perhaps add door welding equipment if possible (killing floor 2 style) for reducing possible spawnpoints as much as possible.

Enemies this time are more interesting than vermintides, they seem directly related to the locations we visit and i hope more enemies to be added, honestly , if i could suggest something i would like more scary enemies, like an enemy that only one player can hear or see, and an alternative to the pox burster, the warp buster, he explodes but takes one or two players to an alternative dimension for a limited time (same scenario, different color and ambience) and you fight some horde there by yourself but can find itens crafting matterials and what not, something akin to sack rat but smarter.

More maps please, the people i play with are already starting to complain about the lack of new missions, i do like that some missions path intersect with one another but go different ways, if you can keep building on this that would be awesome.

Sell xp boost on the old man with the missions, it has to be sped up.

Could i worship nurgle secretly? all this emperor talk makes me wanna worship a god thats real. Imagine thats possible and you get some secret secondary objectives in some missions that must be completed without any player in coherency with the risk of getting character permanently deleted if you get caught, some added bonus for doing that like being ignored by snipers or mutants.

Could also give a way to players to report other players for heresy like a mini amogus in the middle of darktide, if you report a player wrongly your current items get locked your next 3 missions your health is permanently reduced 50% and your character MUST wear prisoner outfit for 3 missions.
If you report them righfully you get a mission dockets bonus at the end of your next 3 missions.

We need a lobby brower please, i wanna join games without any bots.