Tiny feedback on the video footage

Absolute bliss, as always great job, the only stuff i didn’t like is somewhat tiny nitpicks probably not hard to fix but since i wasn’t the only one that didn’t liked it i think i will leave here as feedback.

HUD - the only aspect i truly didn’t like, its big clumsy and unsexy. coudn’t there be a minimalist version of it? thats not the final version isn’t it? the clips with no hud were totally awesome.

Friendlies- at some points they kinda look undistinguishable from enemies, even the pc gamer guy unloaded the clip on the ogryn because of that, in one of the latest official gameplay videos you guys had a nice looking blue heart hologram on friendlies, that was so much better than vermintide outlines, its futuristic and immersive, try to have that in the game.

Darkness - some of the places are too dark, wich makes sense if you have zombos around (oh yeah pox walkers wink wink) but it would make sense to give a few cultist enemies lightsources, the bomber (current favorite) uses fire grenades wich does that job quite well, but enemies with guns could use flashlights and or laser sights, because if the gameplay gets as intense as vermintide, with shooting guys people gonna have some problem locating them before getting shot, i know the shield is supposed to give you a get shot free ticket, but with laser sights or flashlights it could become easier to endure as well achieve that no damage runs.

Praise again to the sound effects team because its sounding amazing, just absolute bliss, and the ost fantastic, as always jesper kyd doesn’t disappoint, good luck on release day.


You don’t like the hud? I really adore it. To me 40k is not meant to be 'sexy" the hud seems gritty and hard and seems to fit well with the harsh grimdark world of 40k.

I do agree though that the heros tend to get lpst in the crowd. Especially the vetran imo. If friendly fire is high on upper difficulty this could be lethal.i can just imagine unloading the ripper’s auto barrage into a hoarde next to me without even realizing the veteran is holding that line lol

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Disagree, sure 40k is supposed to be a turd sandwich but a bad hud won’t fly well out there when the masses are judging the streams and comparing to other games, seriously, its very ugly and i am not alone thinking that.

They shoudn’t do things simplistic and awful for the sake of “bad on purpose” the hud contains less information than vermintide did (you cannot see if friendlies have items or ammo) occupies more space, looks simpler and very uninspiring.
Imagine unlocking new huds… theres something there.


I would be very surprised if the HUD isn’t work in progress it will change just look how much VT2 has changed

I agree the UI is terrible, please make it so you can scale it down to a much smaller size or be turned off! absolutely hideious

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my biggest qualm with the HUD, is the fact that it conveys almost no info on your team, albeit being huge, plus the dmg numbers and healthbars take away imersion.

the skeleton outliners,ehh… i guess inlineers i have to call them now, im mostly fine with their less imersion breaking than v2 outlines

i feel like 40k is one of few IPs where bautifully detailed huds make the most sense, literally everything is covered in skulls, add a little gothic looking stuff with with a crude military grade display and there you go, i dont get why you would opt for a streamlined hud that could have been from counterstrike 1.6

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They should add unlockable huds as rewards for class milestones.
Things to flex on screenshots.
Cosmetics are things for others to see, a hud or a weaponskin makes more sense to the player.


Weapon cosmetics are for the player yeah. also if the bot play lets you use your custom characters the player skins are for you to see when your playing with your own bot teams…like on vermintide 2 for example. Though i wont lie the unlockable hud would be fun. Not sure how resource intensive it would be.


freely adjustable hud is mostly a coding nightmare, i would assume.
i doubt it has any more stress on cpu or gpu

Ya think so? Guess we stick to portrait frames xD although customizable backpacks are new…maybe “back” trophys? A seal or something on your back stating “i beat the game on champion” or whatever…instead of a banner at the keep, as the keep is a public social space now

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im not an game designer, but got some knowlege website creation, and from my experience its one thing to have samething displayed staticly the same for everyone, as soon as you give lots of freedom/interaction in the Overlay you need to increase the number of rules tremendously so the code knows exactly what not to do when people play around with it in a way you didnt anticipate, or else everithing gets messed up.

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Wouldn’t have to be customizable, as in players cannot pick and choose details on it, just new solid unlockable huds that you can equip or change.
If someone doesn’t like one, they might like another and they could put the fancy ones behind class milestones and or extreme challenges.
That would give people something to strive for after they seen everything in the game.

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I think the most effective baseline strategy would be to allow players to customize their HUD/GUI with checkbox and dropdown options (with resizing and opacity sliders). This is in the absence of Mod Support, and independent of monetized/unlocked stylizations. I really like the idea of being able to unlock and choose between different visual styles :star_struck:, but feature functionality should remain baseline and independent of those offerings.

  1. Let’s say I want to display ONLY my teammate names, healthbars, and character avatars. I would merely check those 3 boxes or dropdown option combinations within their respective categorical areas.

  2. Now let’s say I want to see what weapons my teammates are using, what their current ammo types and counts are, what their current consumable types and counts are, and what their ultimate charges are at. I would merely continue checking the appropriate boxes and selecting dropdown options to add/change these elements for myself.

  3. Additionally, let’s say I can choose whether to use VT2 Outlines or the new DT “Inlines.” I should also be able to change the color, whether these are always on, whether these are always off, etc. (The color manipulation suggestion here could help people with colorblindness issues). This goes hand-in-hand with melee/ranged crosshairs’ coloration/sizing/opacity and the like, but you get the idea. Even changing the overall font colors/sizes could be helpful.

  4. Lastly, it would be cool if we could resize the HUD/GUI elements with simple sliders. Of course it would be awesome if we could just drag and reposition elements around the screen like in many MMOs (think Hotkey Bars, Chat Windows, Inventory Bags). But, we should at least be able to turn things on and off, resize them, and potentially change coloration, and modify opacity.

I know many of my peers love UI tweaks, and they love to reposition and resize screen elements to an insane degree (to the point where I wouldn’t even be able to play the game on their PC if you paid me.) They go and display hidden things like dodge counters, or disable/enable individual buff/debuff icons, and more. Enabling and disabling individual status effects would be nice, and the Twitch Votes GUI/Monster healthbars could use some love…but I’ll just mention those by name here for now in case an awesome dev is watching :eyes:

I think this baseline structure, along with the HUD/GUI stylization offerings, would satisfy the vast majority of users with relatively minimal effort. We need enabling/disabling of screen elements, resizing, potentially coloration customization, and opacity sliders. Being able to reposition elements would be awesome, but I won’t hold my breath on that one. I think Darktide is going to bring more complexity to the table in terms of mechanics and gunplay, so the players are going to need more robust HUD/GUI tools than ever to get the most out of it.