General feedback after 19 levels

While I’m not exactly at such a level yet that I have encountered all the Beta has to offer, I thought I’d nonetheless share some things I already have to say about the game.

Though pretty much all of pointers are critiques, I do have to say that I’m having a phenominal time playing this game, and with addes content and further polishing this will certainly go down as one of the best Warhammer games ever released.

The recently released gameplay trailer already adresses a few points, and I might have missed certain other things ingame, but here we go! In no particular order:


  • A lot of the levels feel the same visually: I know they’re all in a hive, but still. Maybe some maps outside of the hive, or on the surface? On the hive’s battlements repulsing a siege?

  • The missions feel very disconnected from eachother, they could use some chronology or story elements to tie them together.

  • Missions can use some more intuitive names instead of serial numbers that I will never be able to tell apart.

  • Some more darker areas would be nice, right now I only ever use the flashlight for show.

  • There are lot of big guns/tanks/troops around but only as set dressing, it would be neat to be able to use them some way. For example a level where you activate turret systems to help survive an normous horde. Maybe even an endboss in a tank.

  • I forgot the name, but in the level with the scanning the music can get really loud and obnoxious obnoxious to the point that it’s taking me out of the game.


  • The weapons really need customization. I saw that it was coming, so I’ll have to see how that works out. I’m hoping for a sort of Fallout 4 mechanic where you can switch out and upgrade different parts.

  • Armor could use some customization as well, even if it is just the colors. Now there are a lot of clones running around.

  • Armor could also use some stats or perks imo, even if they’re small ones.


  • The ingame dialogues feel a bit like generic banter and simple 40k references, they can use some deeper story/background.

  • A general weapon bash for all weapons (with varying efficiency ofcourse) would be nice.

  • Considering this is mostly a shooter, waht about different slots for big weapons, small weapons and melee weapons?

  • Gear comparison could be clearer, either using overlays or providing actual stats.


  • The cinematics at the end of the level could use a bit more player character interaction, like simple pats on the back, helping eachother on the Valkyrie,… It feels a bit dry at the moment.

  • The cutscenes when leveling up could use a spoken comment from the player character at the end instead of them just walking off the exact same way every time.


  • Sometimes movement locks on your last input, making you wander off for a little while in one direction.

  • The loading time after choosing your operative is massive sometimes

  • I wanted to take a screenshot during one of those leveling cinematics and pressed F12, but that made me skip the cinematic :frowning:

  • Cosmetics and weapons sometimes take long to load or are placed wrong in player character hands (the latter especially when joining a group, right before the match).


  • I heard some of the characters mention Ratlings. Now THAT would be an interesting career choice… :thinking: :grin: