General impression after reaching 30

So FS, I wanted to share my impressions of your game, after spending 47 hours in the Beta test. I have quite some experience in Vermintide 2 (> 1000 hours), so not new to the series.
Let’s start with the negatives:

  1. The mission reward/shop system is rather demotivating as it is right now. Not enough direkt rewards through the Emperors favours and too much "checking the shop each hour to hope for something useful). But I guess it will get changes a lot on launch anyway.

  2. The progression system is pretty tough, especially for new players who don’t know Vermintide. It comes down to the starting weapons, so some choice in the beginning could help to get out of the grind to lvl 15/20 with more fun.

  3. The weekly quests take most of my playtime, which forces me to grind lower difficulty missions for grims/tomes. High level players in low difficulty missions tend to behave reckless/antisocial and ruin the mission for the new players quite a lot.

Now for the positives:

  1. The graphics are amazing! I have tuned down most settings for better performance but it still looks awesome!

  2. I can’t believe it, but you made melee combat even better than in V2! The wepon special attacks, the enemy “weight”, the chain-weapons. God it feels so good!

  3. The game is more challenging than V2! Simply because of all the ranged weapons and specialist enemies. Just storming in can mean certain death, so tactical teamplay is crucial. A lot of egomanic solo-players will quit this game, and that’s a good thing!

  4. The dedicated servers are a great change to V2. It specially pays off now in the buggy early phase, since you can just rejoin after a crash.

So FS, absolutely great job! You know there is still more to do, but knowing you for years now, I am confident you’re up to it. I will be trying to help you working out the rough edges.
Tank you!!!