General Feedback for Vermintide 2

Hello FatShark.

After nearly 200 Hours in i think i am read to give some Feedback about Vermintide 2.

1. Presentation
I love the graphics of Vermintide 2, even on mid settings it looks amazing and if i compromise on the haviest hitters to the GPU i am also able to run it on High.
But what realy got me was the Sounddesinge i remember the sound of the first vermintide as pretty good but not astounding (Exept from the soundtrack, the composer did a realy good jop at that) but in this game it just amazing.
I remember how i jumped straigt in to a my first recruit game with bots to do some exploring and how i instantly noticed how much of an improvement it was.
Its still one of my favorite parts of this game. Gamplaywise its also good, Crits/blocks normal hits, attacks that repell from armor are alle noricable and i do not have to see what happened to know it.

The Characters:
I love that you keept the original cast, i a lot of games where the succesor exanged the original cast for new characters and not for the better i have to say.
I like that you got the same voice actors them (it thats not the case you did a good jop in making me not notice it) becaus the voice acting is so fitting for the charaters and thair lines feel so natural to them.
I still have a blast listening to them and i still discover new dialogues and voicelines and i just like all of the characters, my favorite hase to be Victor Saltzpyre but i wuld not like to miss a single one of them.

The career system is also cool and i like to experiment with them, and it gives the game a fresh feel from time to time when i just need a little variety from my beloved Witchhunter-Captain.
I dont mind if some of them might not be Legend viable, keep in mind that i am relying on comunity information for that, becaus i have not attempted legend runs with all of them to have accurate judgement on that.


I thing aside from bugfixes (that i wont repeat becaus i think at this point people have pointed them out with more then enough lets just call it commitment to stay nice).
The game culd just need a few changes as i belive.
It shuld have a numeric Display of how much live in Points value a character hase becaus with out them there is not realy an indication of how much an a 20% live increase actually is.
This is made even harder to judge by the fact that the different carrers do take different amounts of damage if they get hit.

A numeric Display of the Cooldown for your Ultimate shuld be there for the same reason as i explained about, knowing how much a coldown reduction of 30% wuld be more then nice.
At least you shuld be able to toggle this information in the Options.

Streamlined Tooltips:
For Example there are talents that tell me exactly how much of a stat increase i get, like +5% Critchance or +5% Attackspeed, but then the tooltip of the Wichhuntercaptains Ultimate ability dose not tell me how much bonus crit chance my team gets.
Also i cant remember quiet right but if im not seriously mistaken a few patches ago there where made improvements on Ranger Vetaran bardins Ultimate, that are not includet in the tooltip as they shuld be. This devide between the informativity of the the tooltips just feels of in an otherwise well tailored game.

There are guides on all that but i dont think that people shuld be required to rely on guides or read out background datas to get the very basic informations of a game.
I get there are things more importand at the moment but that are just a few things to keep in mind

Otherwise thats it, i love Vermintide II and as it looks i will still play it for a long time, Keep up the good work Fatshark and also a huge thank you for removing the Redshell spyware on comunity demand, i like to see that you listen to your community and dont bank on the fact that people will still play it dispite this software.


Thanks for your feedback <3 You’ve raised points we are looking to address.


Thank you for reading and consindering my suggestions.

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I agree with you that tooltips should state more clearly what skills do.
I also think that many skills need another look, especially since the ‘‘meta’’ has become quite clear.

For example:
-Bounty hunter will almost always take 25% crit damage over 25% power when out of ammo.
I don’t understand why you would reward a class for not doing its job.

A simple ‘‘fix’’ would be to make it scale to increase you power gradually depending on ammo count.
100% ammo = +0% power
50% ammo = 12,5% power
0% ammo = 25% power

-Another small adjustment would be to give timed blocks a bonus by default. With the melee weapon trait you can reduce block cost to 0% for timed blocks, but I never think its worth taking over swift slaying.

-Lastly I think that in the long run a general skill tree would greatly benefit the game. Like in payday where you have perk decks and regular skill trees.
The current classes being like the perk decks and the general skill tree providing more options. Note that I don’t necessarily mean these should be buffs, they could also be trade-offs between power level and crit chance for example. Or reduces your teams damage taken when grabbed or pounced but decreasing revive speed.

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