The big feedback

Here i am, played closed beta and pre-order one, never played LFD of Vermintide 1. And here is my feedback on most popular topics that you can find here on the forums.

First of all - the game is amazing. I am a big fan of WH setting (more 40.000, to be honest), and the visual part is just pretty damn good. More than that, the action experience is just crazy and you can spend a whole day near the monitor and just miss the sun going down the horizon.

Well, if you are e REALLY new player, the game will seem unbeatable to you, BUT, spend some days, get your character to level 15 and about 250 power (which is extremely easy) and you will see that everything is melting in 1 shot on recruit and you are almost able to solo every mission (except assassins, packmasters and sorcs). Of course if you are a gud player. But gettin gud here is not so tough, and believe me, you will be able to complete all content (mb except last difficulty) getting tons of fun. The game will not be a grind-to-win for you, because every map can offer new cool experience, which is not so difficult as it seems, but still challenging and fun. I think Fatshark made a perfect work on the difficulty balance, and the replayability will go on and on.

All i can say - good job. I spent lots of time in other multiplayer games which have a ‘classes’ pattern, and this is the case when i can say - nearly ideal. Some careers are still need a buff (as for me - unchained, maiden and shade, slayer), but there are no more IMBA pew pew classes who can just melt everything and have full hp all the way. It seems like if you get reel gud you can pawn with every career, and that is what i do really like. The BH and Huntsman ult nerfs are justified, cause in such a hardcore game you must not have classes that can 1shot any boss.

Lots of them. They are different, and give you various experience. I have to say - lots of stuff is still bugged. The last boss in Skittergate is bugged sometimes. BTW, think devs need to balance mission bosses power a bit better. Because that fat sorcerer, shooting his corpses in you is way too stronk, in the same time the rat (stormvermin) boss just doing nothing. The warcamp boss seems to be fine. The BIG thing that i wish to see in Vermintide 2 is some hints on books. It is really annoying and hard to remember every book location on every map, considering that some maps are a bit complicated. Maybe devs can make some signs, directioning you to the book location, because i am bit tired of looking for it every time.

Just one thing - the armor piercing weapons are too good. You see, when you get enough power, everything is melting down in a sec even on veteran, and it seems as you get to 30, on champion too. The only prob you can face (except minibosses) are the armored mobs, cause if your weapon is not armor piercing you will deal 0 (zero) damage except the headshot, which is quite hard when you meet a horde. I suppose the non-piercing weapons should give more benefits.

Ofcourse first that you wanna say is the new class. But creating new class is a hard and long work, so we can just start with lesser. First of all - more enemy types. The more different dangers we will meet on our path to gettin gud - the more fun it will be. I play the game for about a week, and i already dont have any problems with any type of mobs (except chaos spawn - hate it). The more different enemies - the more gameplay variety you can create. Speaking about a new class - please, make some mage. Maybe a Priest of Sigmar or the Runecaster, some support class oriented on magic. Would be cool and fun. The next big suggestion - make the game more understandable in case of mechanics. I have tons of questions about the numbers of in-game mechanic, and i cant find answers anywhere. For example - how much health do i have? Or - what is my basic runspeed? Why 1% of the run speed in reality seems more like 10-20%? Understanding the in-game mechanics would help a lot. Or - where do i get cosmetics? From the lootboxes or there is another way? Or there are no cosmetics in the game atm except the collector’s ones?

And again, thank you for the game, it is really amazing and we get lots of fun playing!

p.s. sorry for my non-native english)

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