Feedback for 1.2beta

Maps - they are very pretty, dont like the darkness mechanic use but thats subjective, nice to have some maps that are more close quarters but the narrow passages seem to funnel the enemy excessively. havent played them enough for a final verdict. i do have huge perfomrance issues but i guess thats beta

fixes are obviously great and much needed/appreciated. especially having talents that work , and even work if your a client! but the lack of any balance work here hurts.

“finesse” weapon changes , not sure thats accurate but im referring to the general changes to head damage on low ap weapons , especially light attacks, well its certainly made a lot of weapons more effective, and using daggers to mass decapitate an entire storm vermin legend patrol ina round 5 seconds is i have to admit almost pant dampeningly fun. and watching boss’s get mowed down in melee is great , i do feel it might of been better for the game to lower ranges over poweredness rather than make melee just as broken op. still easy legend farming will go down well im sure.

DLC - maps for free , great only use QP anyway , the bug fixes and balance will be in a free patch i assume. so were just paying for the semi functional loot/quest system?
well it feels bad complaining when so much is free , but still i have to say a loot system that doesnt suck huge donkey balls should be baseline.

so to sum it up, it is great and much appreciated , but the problem is. its been so long and so slow in coming and were still not at that line where we feel the base game is where it should be (where is class balance / loot system/ actual weapon balance) that it still feels like this is catch up to where launch should of been. but atleast this can rekindle hope we might get there!

edit - forgot , that audible warning for an incoming attack not on screen 10/10

Hi Fatshark!

I would just like to say as a vivid Vermintide fan that played the first game at a high level and keeps playing the second game just as much, I can only say:


Don’t get me wrong. This beta patch has some flaws like being able to go through certain walls/doors but in general and as a whole I quite like all the changes.
The new information tab when you select heroes? Perfect! This will help new players alot.
Showing ping? Greatly appreciated! Very fun to see that when I host my friends have 1-5 ping (Swedish internet ftw)
The slight tuning of melee weapons vs bosses? Good yet again!
The new maps? Love them.

I’ve seen and heard alot of complaints regarding the boss walls but tbh this is great. This is a team game. Not a solo game.
Many people have also been complaining regarding this DLC release time due to the old roadmap you showed. (And people don’t understand what a roadmap is). Tbh ignore those complaints. The DLC is here now in just a few days. And it’s clear to me that you are working your asses off to fix so many issues and bugs with this game. (Even though I personally havn’t seen most of those bugs)

Keep up the good work.

you should move this in the beta bugs and feedback section

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