ONLY positive feedback

Most of the time when I post in game forums I post feedback on what I think could be done better but this post will ONLY be about everything that is good with Vermintide 2.

  1. The characters. All five of them & how they interact with each other is 10/10. Lohner & Olesya are good too but do not say much. ^^

  2. Combat. The combat is the best Horde slaying combat out there. Every time I try another Horde killing game like WWZ, B4B, KF, etc. I always thing ‘well this do not have the same satisfying feeling like V2’. The feedback from each hit is insanely good for both range & melee.

  3. Map Design. The maps are really well done. Great atmosphere & I love all the secret areas you can find. I got a bit lost the other day when playing The Pit because I took a way I had never taken before & I have 1 500 hours in the game.

  4. Music & sound design. Great music & sound design.

  5. Twitch Mode. Not because it’s great for streamers, because none streamers can use it as well. 10/10.

  6. Graphics. It looks incredible. The lighting is beautiful & the water looks really nice.

  7. Deeds. Options to make the game harder is great, There’s a but here BUT not talking about that because ONLY positive feedback!!! Deeds are great.

  8. Taal’s Horn Keep. The lobby area is great. I love that it shows you trophies from bosses, banners for what difficulty you have done the maps on & the art you can place.

  9. Challenges. There’s a lot of fun challenges & I especially like challenges that give you cosmetics & frames. Challenges are great!

It’s 03:23 & I should sleep. Just one more mission then bed. Night.

PS: Vermintide is great.

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