My Feedback and Suggestions

Hi Fatshark and Community,

First of all i have to say, i love this game and i play it for fun and to become better and better and skills.
I play on the beta-patch right now and i also played Vermintide 1.

So let´s start with my Feedback:

  • The game is great at all. I´ve got over 200 hours for 30 Euro now and i´m going on. The Level-Design feels quite balanced, but i wish me some more “attractive” maps, filled with light, like Righteous Stand or Halescourge.

  • The bots work great. (better than the most randoms ^^) It would be a pleasure, if they could pick up Grims and Tomes or just items, i would ping for them. I don´t have got any Problems with random Players at all, but especially for the moment i don´t want to play with somebody, it would be cool, if the bots could do this.

- Let´s check the class-balance:

…Krubers Classes are all quite fine, but with 1.0.8 i learned to hate the Huntsman. It feels so bad, to have him into the team. He just oneshot every boss and mostly dies to every Horde. Everyone plays this broken Character, don´t really know how he works, but hey “i can oneshot bosses”. That is really annoying and bored for other players. There is no tread anymore and it tooks no skill or something, just that one ultimatepotion and ammunition. So fatshark go back to the damage-cap pls.

…Bardin´s Ironbreaker got the next issue. His passiv is just broken. I had so many randoms in my team, playing all classes, but not the ironbreaker. They all died and died and died or just ate every healpotion.

After i told them “Guys you should practice a lil bit more.”, they told me: “I normally play Ironbreaker.”

And that´s the Point. The passiv just let bad playing poeple stay alive. Every 13seconds no damage input is just insane broken. There is no skill needed. Every good player just carries games solo, because he never get damage with the Ironbreaker. Give him 60% overall Dmg-Reduce or something, but not a passiv like. "get hit, block for 13 seconds, get hit, block for 13 seconds, get hit.

The other 2 Classes are fine there. Just the Slayer could need the option, to throw his axes.

…Kerillian…arrrr Kerillian… fine champ, not my favorite, but she feels quite good in every role. Just the same thing on the Shade her. Bring back the Damage Cap pls.

…Saltzpyre - He is my main Char and i really don´like the Bountyhunter there. I saw am great man with a crossbow last time. He don´t even knew how to play with his Meleeweapon. This class isn´t broken at all, but like every pure range-class in this game, it should be fixed a lil bit. This is a melee-focused game and there is no fun for the frontline, if the backline just AA with bow´s and kills all, before it´s near dangerous. Same like the Huntsman oneshot Boss mechanic. But more later…

Zealot and Captain feels fine.

…Sienna - She is my 2nd main at the moment. The Battlewizard could need a little Buff or an ultimate change. The ultimate feels a lil bit wrong and even the most things in the Skilltree are quite useless.
The Unchained and Pyromancer are fine, just the Weapons are curios…

So Weapons:

The Meleeweapons i tested are all quite fine right now. I just got a few suggestions here:

Flamesword and Dagger: The Dot should be Armorpiercing to Chaos Warriors (probably only with 50%). The Damage is so low on Heavy Attacks and the “strong Dot” don´t effect there. It´s hilarious to fight the War Camp endboss.

Falchion: The Falchion feels quite bad right now. It need a little buff in armorpierce again.

Flamethrowers (Bardin and Sienna´s): They feel so stupid and broken. It´s just a broken Waveclear and you don´t even see, what you´re burn. As other player you just stay next to it and think: "Yeah, if i go in there, i´ll burn. If i don´t go in there, i want to ragequit, because it´s so boring to stay here and can´t do anything.

Shotgun: The range feels a lil bit too strong for a shotgun.

Especially strong Ammunition Range Weapons and Classes like Swift-/Dotbow-Waystalker, Beamstaff-Pyromancer, Longbow-Huntsman and Crossbow-Bountyhunter:

It just feels so wrong to see this Classes playing. If the players are good with them. There won´t be any dangerous situations. The Waveclear of those rangechamps is just insane broken, even like the Bossdamage. There is no real lack of Ammunition with the right choice of Weaponproperties and Class-perks. The Ultimates burst CW´s and specials everwhere.
I say it again. This is a melee-focused game and it´s no fun to stay and watch how your bacakline just easily clear the dungeon.

- Weapon-Perks:

They should be shown as Buff. It feels sometimes, like that perks don´t work. Especially the 20% Attack Speed for 5s after crits.

- Class-Perks:

There are some useless classperks like “gain temporarely health on crits” or “10s 50% dmg- reduction for revived teammates” or “35% dmg-reduction under 50% health” (don´t work with grims that good) or “more xy if last one standing” or or or…
I could tell you much more if you wish. Buff or fix them or bring it as overall 3rd class passiv and not as choosable one.

  • I don´t think i have to say something to the Host-Issue. Especially i got a strong Internet, but i´m not often Host. The most one got bad internet or ragequit before the endscreen etc. But fatshark and everyone here know it…

- Deeds:

The Deeds are fine and strong, but i personally would prefer a playlist for it. Just give out 3 Deeds everyday as a playlist. Otherwise it´s hard to get poeple for it.

The next thing is the “No-Pick-Ups perk”. Let us pick-up grims and tomes please.

- Stats:

I really don´t want to see stats. I don´t want to see the stats after the game and i don´t want characterstats, like the most want here.

Gamestats just makes the community more toxic. Someone had a bad game or just played the tankroll and don´t get some good stats, which kills his own self-confidence and the fun in the game. Especially if he/she earn flame for that after the game.

Characterstats would make builds more specific, but it´s much more fun to test everything and don´t look for numbers. Give us Chaos-Warriors Dummies please!

- Housing

I don´t know your future-plans fatshark, but it´s cool that we can unlock the rooms from the characters and the Sigmar statue looks cool at all.
It would be a pleasure for the future, if there are some more housing-items to farm, if we could set them where we want and decorate all like we want.
The Sigmar-statue is a little bit missplaced there in the spawn.

  • This Game is a PC killer.

The performance is ok, but the ressources it needs, are strong. You should refine it.

Fight at stairs, kills yourself…

If you fight enemies on stairs and slopes, the hitbox calculation is so bad, that you can´t even block hits or the enemies don´t hit you. You need to fix that fatshark.

Well that´s all i can say right now…

I´ll update it if i got more issues or suggestions.
I won´t add any bug i found right now, just saying…

Good work so far! I love this game…

Edit: I forgot the Slayer can run through every Map issue. (same like Kerillian on the 2nd tree and maybe the Zealot/Kruber 3rd could) Fix it pls.

That’s still on the player, not the class. Ironbreaker will still go down if played badly, he’s not immortal. He has the most static playstyle of all careers, and true, he can take a lot of hits. When people change to another career and don’t adapt their playstyle, they will drop like flies. Then again, same happens when changing out from the mobility of, say Handmaiden. And if one plays Ironbreaker as a block machine, it is badly played. They may be the last one standing, because of the sheer toughness of the career, but for the other three players at that point, it’s as the IB didn’t exist. He needs to be active too, and actually use that toughness of his to his advantage.

Blame the player, not the class again. A good BH uses both melee and ranged, and stays dangerously close to melee distance often, even with his ranged piece out. His ranged is far more powerful, yeas, and his damage dealing on anything but hordes depends on his ranged, but he still needs melee skills to stay alive (and to reset his passive cooldown).

No. As it used to be, the Falchion outshined the axe with useful armour piercing plus other abilities, and the Two-handed Sword in being good at crowds, and against armour and single-target. Now, it’s the utility weapon it needs to be: useful against crowds, useful against single-target, and capable against armour. The latter just takes a bit more skill and effort now.

And, when using them, they lose basically all other ranged capabilities. Also, on Champ and above, one burst can rarely destroy a complete wave, the effective arc is limited, and you rarely have time to recharge before the next wave comes in. And against ambush hordes, coming fast and from everywhere, they’re bad. While they are very powerful at what they do, they have plenty of limitations already. Too much, for many people, especially the lack of any other range.

Which one are you talking about? The Blunderbuss (on Markus) or Grudgeraker (on Bardin)? They are different weapons. That said, while they can shoot quite far, especially with the spread reduction Talents, so can real life shotguns. They still lose a lot of effectiveness on long ranges. So much so, that while you can use them against enemies forty meters away, it’s rarely useful to try anything beyond, say, ten meters.

Yep, I agree on this. Grimoires at least. While Tomes could be considered free loot, Grimoires still limit us.

They have their uses, but in the current form they encourage reckless play. While I don’t agree with their complete removal, I do think they need to change to reflect more valuable skills.

It´s not about the player, it is the class. It forgives to much while players play bad. The skillcap between ironbreaker and other class is too strong. Nearly everyone can go legend with an ironbreaker and like i told, with the other classes, they die hard.

It was just and example. Like i told some way down, it´s all about range chars in any way. Even with my Zealot i can clear a whole map with my crossbow and i never run out of Ammunition. That was just my example, that it´s just bad designed and doubled strong on range champs.

I do know why it got the nerf. But to nerf something AND buff the others, makes it useless. In my Opinion the axe shines over all now and it even got more dmg than the falchion. It got a lil bit lack of waveclear, but not really hard with the right properties.
Like i already told to fatshark-support. This game is about fun, so don´t nerf good playstyles, just buff the others and eventually the enemies.

I do know this and i agree, but that was not my point of view. I don´t know your opinion, but is it really fun to stay there, hold a button and all enemies dies? Same like the ranged champs. It just feels wrong in this game. It´s called teamgame but yeah, actually you just have to take tons of waveclear (on range) and a lil bit need of skill to dodge bigger enemies (or spam ultimates). Nobody needs tanks or teamwork at all. The only real threat are double assassins or hookrats.

Oh and i forgot to say, i meant the dwarf shotgun.