Any communication from Fatshark?

just wondered if they are active anyway, any dev diaries or whatnot, im just bored of “Codtide” and want to know what the plan is , if they are happy as it is or if not? i know its early after release and i saw the release streams the passion and heart was clear to see and i’m sure they are hard at work on stuff , just be nice to know what that is and if there vision is what i want to wait around for . because i really don’t like this new direction.


You can follow them on Twitter;
On the website there is a Roadmap about Mod Support, Dedicated Servers and First dlc
And they reply here, on vermintide’s reddit and sometimes on discord

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They reply here pretty regularly and acknowledge bugs in that forum, and also reply some on the vermintide reddit. What specifically is your complaint? Elaborate on what you mean by “Codtide”

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You can see all dev posts on the forums over here on the main page.


lol thanks! i had never noticed that, doh!

I’m using it as a pejorative . implying that vermintide has become like CoD (call of doody) as in its a bad first person shooter now with a competitive multiplayer experience focused on getting the most kills.
to be clear i love vermintide its just not good as a shooter the mechanics are really bare bones there are a lot of better options if i am to play a co op shooter it wont be this.
to be really clear im bitching about how utterly broken range spam is now across at least 5 careers and im bored to death of either having to compete in a race for the chance to kill each slave rat or just wander through a level bored watching things die.

Post your scoreboards of yourself getting zero kills because you are ‘bored to death’.

If your players are just ‘competing for kills’ then you aren’t playing with good players or at Champion/Legend. Players splitting up and charging forward to chase kills on Champ/legend will quickly get themselves killed and wipe the team.
Vermintide isn’t like COD in any way, it is a COOPERATIVE game and if you’re just competing for kills instead of playing class roles then you should find another game, and if you get people like that on your team and you don’t like it then you know just remove them, find another team, make friends who play together and group with them.
You can play Vermintide 2 any way you want, and you can make friends with whoever else shares your opinions and you can group up and play games without Sienna at all.

It really just seems like you’re projecting your own issues onto others. YOU are the one who is really focused on scoreboard kills at the expense of minimizing risk to actually complete the level with full books. There is a lot of stuff you could do to avoid what you complain about, or adapt to it to support the class that brings nothing to the team except damage and gets one/two-shot by elites, but you’d rather just call for nerfs to ranged in general so that you can more kills with your own preferred playstyle. It isn’t good form.

Maybe Fatshark should just remove the scoreboard completely. Or maybe you should be honest about what the scoreboard actually shows. If you even only get half the kills as Sienna yet have better melee weapons are more tankier and have buffs and other group benefits, then that is a pretty good balance in fact.

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of course if you believed all of that crap you wouldn’t need to say it.

yes your totally right , i’m the only person noticing how out of whack the balance between range and hand to hand is right now . its all just me.

its not like every single lobby you join has a pyro with a beam staff its perfectly balanced distribution nothing wrong at all !

its nothing to do with you being so deep in denial your actually in danger from crocodiles its all me.

honestly its at such a point its so utterly clear to me i just dont see the need to argue the point anymore Fatshark have way better analytics than i do im pretty confident in what they will be seeing. i rest my case on this subject

you make this assumption that there should be an equal number of ranged kills and melee kills at the end of the game on the scoreboard and if one is more than the other than it “isn’t balanced”. Your preconceptions are in error here. There’s no problem with there being more ranged kills than melee kills. If you want a game more focused on melee then go back to Vermintide 1 you will be much happier and you can stop wasting your time here. You can take the people who share your preconceptions with you.

We have an elf and a mage fighting vast hordes of rats, why wouldn’t we kill as many of them with ranged as possible?

“its not like every single lobby you join has a pyro with a beam staff its perfectly balanced distribution nothing wrong at all !”

no, every single lobby doesn’t have a pyro with a beam staff, and that really isn’t any way to argue. grow up dude.

Beam staff is a fine, versatile staff. And if there is any problem with sienna (a supersquishy dps with crap melee weapons who is getting kills with staves or barely any at all) it is that you can build her to basically disregard OVERCHARGE pretty much completely, the factor that is supposed to limit how much she can use her staff. The staff itself doesn’t really need to be nerfed, her overcharge needs to be more of a concern, and this will affect all her other staves as well, which will need to be buffed to coincide.

You haven’t rested any case because you haven’t made a case other than “Sienna steals my kills and gets a higher score than me, and other people agree with me so it must be true, and if you disagree with me you’re “in denial””

Seriously dude just grow up.


No its the staff. I mean yeah the unlimited overcharge is a problem with the pyro, but beam staff does everything and it does it better than all the other staffs.

And if you are playing on Legend, I’m assuming you are, then you MUST have noticed that almost every single game has some variation of Waystalker, Pyro, Bounty Hunter, Ironbreaker, and Footknight. And each one is usually equipped with very similar gear choices. Each hero has one class that simply outperforms the others. I mean hell, if you look up my post history from the last beta(if thats possible) you’ll see how much I love handmaiden, but I hardly use her anymore even with her buffs. This is because on legend if I use her I end up getting shot in the back or sitting on guard duty to make sure one or two rats don’t sneak in to hit my ranged-focused teammates. God forbid I decide to dash through a wave to oneshot them with my fun active ability, I’ll get shot/and or annoy my teammates because now they have to stop shooting if they give a damn or just keep hurting me.

The tactics on higher level difficulties are find a defensible position and shoot everything before it gets to you. Maybe put the dwarf up front because you can shoot over his head anyway.

It is very clear that there is an imbalance in the effectiveness of the classes and weapons in this game. Sure, you can play differently, assuming you get your pub teammates to get on board with it and not just shoot you in the back. You could win with other strategies. But they are far less effective and much more difficult/dangerous and therefore not worth risking(to most people) the easy victory range spam provides.

And as for “competing for kills,” its not about trying to get more kills for many people, its about being able to do anything at all. Its not fun to sit by and wait for the horde to end because your team is too effective at killing them so they never even get near you in the first place. This is the main reason I main waystalker in this meta, because she is always fun, where as Handmaiden is only fun every now and then when I get into a situation where I can actually shine.

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Wrong! my assumption is that each of the 4 people in a group should be needed , 2 should not make the other 2 irrelevant.

Wrong! You should be able to , but it should be a choice with consequence i have never once said range should be weak or ineffective, in fact if you ever actually read my posts you will see i say exactly the opposite. but what i do say is that it shouldn’t be an infinite resource if you decide to delete a horde at range it should use up a resource, not be something you do every time , while deleting every roaming pack and every single clan rat inetween.

no you are right there was one game the day before yesterday when the sienna was playing unchained + beam.
its an observation if something is overpowered people flock to it , you see it all the time and right now the vast majority of lobbies have the same 4 of the same 5 builds, and out of the broken op builds right now pyro+beam is the queen

see this is why im done trying to communicate with you , we get nothing but the same denial , dismissal failure to read or comprehend and then churlish insults

No it is the overcharge. Sienna doesn’t have to worry about overcharge at all with the right build, no eating her own health since she eats temp hp to cool down or uses ult or whatever. Not needing to worry about overcharge, no matter what staff she uses, needs to be addressed first, as that is what limits her use of ranged since she doesn’t use ammo.
Once you balance out the overcharge so that overheating is actually a concern, THEN take stock of beam staff and others and see what needs to change.

And no dude, I’ve seen some amazing Shades great at killing elites. stunning Handmaidens with tasty, very beneficial stamina regen aura and incrediblel last man standing saves. Rangers great for doing deeds with no pickups. Huntsman making it reasonable to clear chaos patrols. Unchained that can hold off entire horde by herself. Even saw a great Zealot once. What I don’t see any of at all are Slayer, Witch Hunter, and Mercenary which have some buggy or weak talents.

Waystalker, Pyro, BH, IB, and Footknight are very versatile classes with lower skill caps than the ones I mentioned. You don’t need to worry so much about tuning your team comp or build with those, and 2 tanks 2 dps makes a pretty reliable comp without too much thought or effort so it is common, but not essential.

“This is because on legend if I use her I end up getting shot in the back or sitting on guard duty to make sure one or two rats don’t sneak in to hit my ranged”

So find better players who don’t shoot you or position yourself better to not get in ranged’s way. You play a literal tank class, Handmaiden, who specializes in team buffs (that require you to be close to spread your stamina regen aura) great revives and lms, but you’re mad about actually TANKING for your DPS.

I think the real problem here is that a lot of people coming into V2 are just wanting the action and the green circles on the kill board. If they wipe they blame their teammates for not getting more kills, they don’t think about what they could have done to work together better as a team. You can have your action in V2, but if you want to master the game win consistently and have an amazing multiplayer experience, then you need to work as a team, play the role the class is designed for, and yeah PLAY GUARD DUTY FOR YOUR DPS WHEN YOU PLAY A TANK LIKE HANDMAIDEN.

"The tactics on higher level difficulties are find a defensible position and shoot everything before it gets to you. "

That’s for legendary when you’re first starting out and haven’t learned how to pace the map wait for hordes know where the boss triggers are etc. Yeah, less experienced players can cheese through some Legendary levels that have a lot of choke points by exploiting flamethrower and what not, but in areas where you’re going to get hordes in open swamp or forest you have to come up with different plans.

“assuming you get your pub teammates”

make friends, dude. play with them regularly and work on tactics to not shoot each other in the back ffs. your experience at legend and even champ will be much better I assure you. talk to each other.

“Its not fun to sit by and wait for the horde to end because your team is too effective at killing them so they never even get near you in the first place”

You guys keep saying stuff like this but you NEVER post your scoreboards of you getting no kills or whatever you exaggerate. If you as a tank get half as many kills as your dps, but you kept them from taking any damage or you saved the team from a wipe as last man standing THEN YOU BROUGHT HUGE VALUE TO THE TEAM. You did what is known as teamwork.

Why on earth do people expect tanky classes to get as many kills as glass cannon dps? Sienna’s melee SUCKS dude. Her weapons suck and if she is hot (almost guaranteed in a horde situation) she attacks slow as snails. She NEEDS someone to tank for her to keep those stray rats from hitting her blind side, because SHE IS squishy and will die to 3-4 hits from infantry on Legend. A beserker will delete her faster than most can respond if you aren’t right by her ready to stagger them.


Fatshark put in a lot of work to make classes have unique playstyles and complement one another. There’s no need for each one to potentially be the scoreboard king. If you want to chase kills like this is an action game, you can, just play the squishy dps classes. But please stop complaining about dps “stealing your kills” or however you want to express it WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING A TANK OR SUPPORT CLASS. The ‘balance’ you lads want isn’t appropriate for the design of v2, and you’d honestly be happier playing a different game if you aren’t willing to learn how to play this one for what it really is.

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You’ll keep responding because you can’t help it. Going through a post line by line responding to each point in isolation instead of grasping the whole message is why you are a poor communicator.
The game you are looking for is waiting for you elsewhere. You will be much happier there.
V2 has classes. Squishy ranged dps are going to get the most kills. That is their job. Tanky classes are going to get less kills and spend a lot of time making sure the dps doesn’t get deleted in a heartbeat by a stray beserker.
If you want to play a dps and chase kill, you certainly can. If you want to play a tank and compete with dps for kills no sir, you cannot have it. Find another game.

I find this hilariously ironic given your comment just above.

That aside, equipped weapons affect the gameplay role much more than any class abilities, and any class can be played in different roles - you want to frontline with a Slayer? Go ahead. You want to protect flanks? Sure, why not. You want to use Handmaiden’s mobility to round up enemy hordes to cut them up neatly? Sure. You want to stand next to your team mates as constant vigil? Can do.

Problem arises when people get toxic about how a career should be played, because of narrow-minded perceived superiority of one style. When one weapon vastly outperforms the others, this is unavoidable.

EDIT: Groggy morning brain, named wrong career in my examples.

There is just one simple truth that should people finally learn and thats this game is not about how many rats you kill but if you actually finish a mission.

Let me ask a simple question OP who is more important to team a guy who is constantly rushing ahead trying to kill everything and he goes down every 5 minutes, using healing all the time or the guy who is watching your back, telling you what is coming or dealing with danger behind you and he has the least dmg taken for whole game?

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eh? ill assume your being condescending not stupid , not sure why you think i disagree though

You seem to keep ignoring the problem for some reason. You just defend defend defend. Please do not tell me that other classes CAN DO STUFF because I know that. You brush it off saying other classes just have higher skill caps, but thats not entirely true and is very misleading. Saying shade simply has a higher skill cap than waystalker makes it sound like if you are good enough you can be equally as effective. You can’t. Sure, you can be very effective in niche situations, but waystalker IS LITERALLY ALWAYS EFFECTIVE IN EVERY SITUATION.

I have over 250 hours in game and have beaten the game on Legend. The BEST most RELIABLE tactic is find a good spot to defend and shoot everything. You say that this is because my teammates aren’t good enough? Its because my teammates are very good that this is even a problem! With a good team you stop and say hey this is a good spot and we are going to have a horde soon, lets wait. Then you shoot the !@$# out of the oncoming horde from the handpicked location and then move on. This is what good teams do, not scrub teams.

And don’t tell me how to play Handmaiden. She is not a straight up tank like ironbreaker. She has no damage mitigation. If anything shes a hybrid support/dps elf with high stamina.

And your argument that everyone is just competing for kills and green circles is just ignorant. Yes, if I want to just get books and get loot and not have fun doing it, then this current meta is fine. But this is a video game. I don’t need the most kills but I do want to have fun. I don’t need to have green circles I don’t care about that. But the fact that there are entire 10 minute intervals where other classes barely get to do anything because your ranged teammates are too competent is a design flaw because it simply is not fun.

This is a game where the classes and roles aren’t hard labels. Ironbreaker can do great dps if you want him to. But even in games where your role as a tank is your sole purpose, there is still much to do. If i were to play any mmo and queue up as a tank, im basically the leader of the party. I constantly have something to do and if I slip up everyone dies. In this game, being a “tank” means being idle until your team screws up enough to let you hold up your shield for a moment. Yeah, it works and its effective, but after 250 hours of doing this and not even getting any better loot because drop rates are so low that the devs are actually deleting threads and banning players to keep them hidden, I want more.

I really don’t get why you are being so combative in this and all the other posts I’ve seen you in recently. I, and many others, just want melee to be more fun, more viable than it is now(I sense an “it is viable l2p” response coming, so let me emphasize MORE VIABLE) and to be more on par with ranged, all for a more well-balanced and varied gameplay experience. Why is that a bad thing?

And also, I can’t fathom how you don’t see the beam staff as a problem. Overcharge is a separate problem, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the beam staff has no weakness and can do everything better than the other staffs. It can snipe specials in one shot from across the map. It can do heavy sustained damage to bosses, it can do amazing crowd control. No other staff does all 3 as well as beam staff, and fixing overcharge won’t change that, especially since not having unlimited overcharge will nerf all the other staffs just as much.


My thoughts exactly. Having a half capable pyro and/or waystalker in your group pretty much forces you to pick a ranged oriented setup yourself if you want to do anything else that clogging a hole with your block and smacking an ocasional slave rat to sneaks past.

So I just finished leveling Sienna today and pretty much played pyro would like to play unchained but a much needed Vent skill that FF’s is kinda meh and hard to get people to work around

I will say this though the overcharge is a 2 part issue one is being unlimited Sienna’s role should always be burn the horde as much as possible till it gets into melee by then she is high heat and needs to engage or fall back and burn HP or Temp HP to reset and with the temp HP this is a fair trade imo

but Pyro also gets an absurd amount of crit real talk if I could lock her heat at like 50% I would for two reasons Melee cleave crits have disguising cleave for clearing and more ranged crits for specials

I honestly would love to play a melee version of this even with her poor weapons simply for that fact alone

but getting off topic Pyro has too much where her others too little unchained needs overcharge to be more then just a “mana shield” sure you will use the staff for ranged but its clear that the class was front loaded to be a front line fighter her active needs to change and her current active needs to be a timed passive that prevents overheat bomb much like Zealot if her skill was to make a “Hot Zone” where magma erupted a round her and created “space” for her to safely extend into while still holding the line and not hurting friendlies something to control space

Also battle wizard needs to not have a dash Sienna is a glass cannon and should be treated as such lots of damage all the time with no way out meaning you have to have a good team to shine BW should have one of the many red wind spells that buff either giving everyone a fire buff on their weapon giving them armor pen…or hell a shield would be sick to for that person that gets caught out…etc something supporty and tranquil needs to go with Temp HP I don’t care if I need to vent I will vent and get it back if need be give her something else

And this is just Sienna all of the other characters have huge problems like the ranger can stay invisible longer then the shade… which makes zero sense considering both characters kits its like these abilities got mixed up some how the rangers invisiblity should allow him to get better positioning and undue a poor mistake I.E drop hate run away one attack pops you out basically like shade with no damage buff and shade needs to be sustained stealth maybe shorter 8 seconds maybe letting her do her job on bosses and those hard elite packs

these things shake up metas and make characters fill roles Tanks should be controlling/creating space range thins horde and does over watch and supports/all-arounders make the other two better at said tasks or fill some sort of utility

frankly all the classes need this treatment for the Range/tank/supports??? thing they have going this is after all an RPG/FPS/horde game Tanks need to all be the sameish in terms of effective HP same for others I can understand if you want to give bardin more HP because “dwarf” but then you gotta give everyone something

I love this game I love warhammer I loved the 1st game I want this game to be great and every class fun and different setups but man it feels like as players we got a raw deal on this game sometimes and it shows when half the talents are busted weapons have No reg on them… maybe in 6-12 months we will have VT 2 that we all want this just feels like VT 1.5 :cry:

I know the devs are working hard and I don’t blame them really but man this game could be so much

things need to be normalized in order to be balanced if that’s what is truly the end goal

Venting should just be a sort of reloading which can lead you to be in a bad position if your mate don t protect you.
You always got temp health with sienna when using your ranged weapon so it is not like you are wasting that much HP by venting.

I mean people saying range spec are ok havent played V1 for sure, it makes legend too easy, horde never reach you in melee and you can always kill special while killing horde with your ranged weapon.
I just started to play keri ranged spec to see what people have been talking about, i reach 10k+ dmg on a lot of map and i never run out of ammo, boss dmg are not that great but you melt horde and special easily all the time. Sienna beam is way better and melt bosses like crazy so i cant even imagine, ok maybe swiftbow got faster horde cleaning when mob are rushing in a line.

I m not really feeling difficulty in legend anymore, i have to do deeds with full tome and grim to have some sort of challenge, specially the augmented mob that make horde way tougher is really interesting.
And deeds drop is just so f*cking rare so i have to do boring quickrun.

Range spec should just have more ammo but not unilimited ammo, this is ruining the game atm. And sienna should need to vent more often so she cant just spam all day long.

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