Legendary is crap

I was so excited to move into the next difficulty, but to my disappointment it was not what I expected. I did not play vermintide 1 so Im not sure how it was like there. But this difficulty is along the same lines of 4X games or bad strategy games (most) where they just make dump more and more enemies and have the opponents cheat in order to make it more challenging.

I loved L4D because the AI director go smarter as well as the enemies getting tougher. Hey I don’t expect Fatshark to be on par with Valve but please put some effort into the AI director.

Hell, you could keep the spawn rate the same as champ, but just nerf Sienna and keri range spam, and you got yourself a great challenging game, where everyone must pull their weight. Right now the only Balanced range classes are salty and bardin. Kruber is fine but he needs more and also buffs to his range weapon selection.


V1 did pretty much you ask for: everything was tougher but came mostly in the same amounts and proportions. Having played both it and V2 I must say that I prefer legendary over the old cataclysm. Tougher enemies of V1 made the always useful corner defence more and more necessary as the difficulty level rose, but more specials and enemies of tougher types actually sometimes force teams to relocate because of gas or wave of chaos warriors. This adds different kind of difficulty than doing the same stuff you did in lower difficulties but better as mobile fighting towards next defensible position comes to play far more often.

well we’re at it let’s also nerf dwarf survivability… and give everyone a wet noodle to use as the only melee weapon and they can throw a meatball once as a ranged attack. /sarcasm

getting pretty tired of all the hate around characters that are designed to use ranged often. arguments that ranged based classes do what they’re supposed to do well is akin to arguing that tank classes need to be nerfed into oblivion as well because they survive better than other careers…


I see. The title of this thread is misleading as hell… It’s not about legendary at all(which does have problems). It’s another disgruntled melee peasant crying for nerfs.

U want ranged nerfed? Then we will be demanding that devs should enable FF for melee. for parity.


I agree, as a bardin player. Ironbreaker’s free hit needs to be changed too. Either change it to once per 30 secs, or change it to absor half damage.

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I want to quote that too ;o)
Every Hero has a ranged spammer. Bardin has Drake Pistols. Kruber has Ranger with f.e. Longbow. Saltz has Bounty Hunter with ammo on crit trait.

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I dont hate range classes. I think Bounty Hunter (my favourite class tied with Slayer) is a great range class.

And i think Veteran Ranger is good too as I mentioned before. Kruber’s range weapons need a buff.

It maybe hard to fathom but I want a challenging balanced game. Designing difficulty around Sienna/keri or Ironbreaker is not a good idea.

Drake Gun should also should have less uptime. or sputter out now and again towards the end of the cycle. along with any auto-targetting abilities (keri/sienna)

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not to mention he can shotgun a repeater every 8 seconds or less for 0 ammo due to level 15 talent. or his volley crossbow, same thing. shoot, stab a slave, shoot, infinite ammo… they nerfed ws level 25 talent from 50% to 20% (about what a bardin ammo bag gives… wooo…) just isn’t functioning properly at moment. BH effectively has infinite free ammo on top of ammo recovery on crit. fire volley for free, hit something, get 2 bolts back… IB has drakefire with no ammo, just overheat that is super easy to manage, kruber huntsman gets a ton of ammo back for headshots, again, before weapon traits… but lets whine some more about the elf and wizard…


Do not feed troll.


You bring up great points! I love these mechanics, that require something to happen to recover ammunition. They should apply this philosophy to the others.

i’m beginning to think it’s less of a troll and more like image


why, so saltz can be even better at doing the elfs job than he already is?

Yes please nerf ws more, its already just the most nerfed class in the game and still the only one viable elf class.
I havent seen a huntsman since launch because hes been nerfed to dirt.

Its way past time to get some buffing going… x5 dmg on huntsman active sure, yeah deserved nerf, elf spear yeah sure deserved nerf.
But ammo capacity?? we have less ammo than in 1st game, we have no ammo regen and healing traits from the first game.

Buff melee classes finally…

stacking crit and the ammo return on crit trait gives most people damn near infinite ammo as is with all the piercing on hordes. it’s kind of silly

Ammunition Holder - Increases the maximum amount of carried ammunition for this weapon by 30.0%

Haste - When hitting and enemy, there is a 3.0 - 7.0% chance to increase your attack speed by 30.0%, for 5.0 seconds. Ammunition is no longer consumed for a short duration after the effect triggers.

Scavenger - When killing an enemy, there is a 10.0 - 24.0% chance to replenish 5% ammunition for your weapon.

thats first game when we had twice as much ammo as we have now as base.


nice to see someone else that remembers scavenger was a thing, as well as the buffed haste.

Dont need to


Yeah I agree that ranged classes should be good at ranged,but there things like beam staff crit that need balance. and flamethrower n drake guns are too good on ironbreaker. tank class with infinite ranged clearing whole hordes solo…

I kinda rather see ranger buffed, i mean fu** i havent seen any since i started playing veteran…
give him dual pistols or smth or simply buff his ranged weapons as dwarves supposedly have better quality weapons.

Or since we already have unique weapons why not make
this crossbow.

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they’ve said before they are aware of it, it’s not supposed to be all or nothing with the crit, and that it will be fixed at some point. it’s not just beam staff that does it either btw. drakefire pistol alt fire is the same way.

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