After 6 hours messing around in the beta patch on legend

Why would you ever EVER go into melee combat with roamer in this beta
Sienna beam still 1-2 tap SV, and the shotgun blast can stagger a whole patrol, can clear a whole horde wave by herself
Kerillian longbow still headshot 1 shot SV, every 10s recover 3 bolts of arrows = still good to take out roamers, swift bow suffer most because … 50% down to 20%… less spammy bow elf …
Bounty hunter is still the best, The lvl 15 talent that give shot consume no ammo + crit passive is still too good, still one shot thing from afar, with the volley crossbow or repeater. He still excel at everything(unless tanking), damage dealing, armor breaking with the falchion, clearing with the volley crossbow, damaging boss …
Zealot:Last thing you wanna do on legend , is having low hp, and since temporary hp make your passive trigger less, hes still … the same …
Kruber: im not using anything else beside halberd right now… but now you need 3 hits to kill a stormvermin instead of 2 in the live version(with my current gears), This is VERY annoying because the shield unit recover after 2 hits after their shield break, mean you need to waste another 3 hits to break it all over again= waste of time.
and instead of 3 hits to kill a marauder you need 5(idk why but that’s my experience)
Cleaving a skaven horde feel the same but when you cleave a chaos horde it feel very … weak … somehow
Bardin is bardin ._.
Summary:Sienna is still the queen, and ranged is now even more required than before


I think you and a lot of other people fundamentally misunderstand what Fatshark has in mind for V2. It seems they want you to work together as a team more than ever before. E.g. if you split up the game will brutally punish you with a ton of specials on top of the tons it already throws at you.
People seem to think that the game should be balanced such that you can pick any class or any weapon you understand the mechanics of and win quickplay legendary with random comps consistently and everyone have about equal kills or such.

Your post is that the best dps are still the best dps. That should be the case, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. You need some ranged dps and then some tanks. You will need to play around with shields and offbalance and power vs chaos. Properties and Traits and Talents you found worthless before are now much more valuable and you will need to roll them.

I’m fine with legendary being mostly unaccessible to random groups. But I just won a legendary on beta with random group. Then we had a few losses with different people who made bad plays.

You should need a good group with a plan, player dedicated to tank, killing specials, killing armored, killing boss, and you stick together and crush opposition you specialize in crushing. Tanks shouldn’t get as high as kills as dps, but ranged dps shouldn’t be able to get super high scores without tanks covering them. If you tank for Sienna keep her alive and let her fully use all her potential without having to stop to watch her own back all the time, you shouldn’t feel jealous she got more kills than you you should feel proud you helped her get so many kills.

I’ve played a fair bit of Sienna and there is a significant difference in potential performance with and without a good tank guarding you.


Unfortunately people alot of people simply don’t appreciate all those folks with shields or 1h blunt weapons as much as they should because they are too busy admiring their green circles for kills and damage dealt thinking that they, and only they, carried the team.


Agreed, I wish they’d add some kind of stat for us tanks to the final scoreboard. Something like:
Enemies pushed
Attacks blocked
Damage blocked/absorbed

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i never talk about gameplay aspect, i talk about how even more useless melee heavy class than before
Ranged is still too effective, and nothing has changed

That’s the truth.

The last thing i wanna do in this game, is baby sitting a pyromancer sienna, with crit vent overcharge trait
beam staff(basically infinite spam because the passive, more charge=more crit), rarely switch to melee and actually learn the game mechanics.

Guys, ranged/dps characters have to remain a source of damage with their ranged weapons*. This patch should to nerf their melee capacity… now halberd huntsman can kill crowd as halberd merch… after this patch, no more.

*only kruber’s bow sucks now… it kills (with this patch) only with headshot like elfbow, so huntsman will be a weaker Kerillian.

That would hold true if there was something like tanks.
There is no classical tank here. What you need is horde control.
Sienna does that fine while also being extremely good at special killing and boss dps.
She basically does everything, and that is what is wrong.
There shouldn’t be a “I can do everything just watch my ass” situation.
It should be “Ok there is a horde let our horde controllers do their job while I take care of any specials and elites”
I agree you should need different careers that excel at different things working together to beat the game. But just watching someones ass while he literally destroys the rest of the game is not that.
You should feel weak in certain situations, and not performing well just because you pay no attention and someone has to watch your rear all game is not a weakness, that is just a lack of attention to your surroundings.

This also holds true, to some extend for other careers, not just Pyro.


I miss being able to dunk on hordes because im skilled as opposed to I dunk on hordes cause im this class with this weapon.

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I miss having a loadout chest at the start of the game so I could adapt my playstyle to the groups needs and not be kinda forced to pick an allrounder career and weapons for quickplay.


Lets be honest, everyone who wasnt weilding trash horde clear like 1h Axe dunked on hordes. Fashion, Flail, rapier, 1h hammer/sword, anything with shield, all 2hs, all dual weild, etc was all well capable of easily handling hordes prepatch. Even all of Siennas weapons dunked on hordes.

It was more of a rarity to have a weapon that couldn’t.

My only beef with legend rn is this: I’m playing shade with crit+crit power sword&dagger + 10% increased damage on armored and +10% damage on chaos.75% backstab damage and 15% power increase with grim.
I see a chaos warrior,I use my ability,sneak behind him and need to stab him 5 times before he goes down, while Kruber with a halberd just yolo facetanks and kills him with 3 frontal headshots or an ironbreaker with axe & shield does his lmb combo 3 times which takes around as much as I do the 5 backstabs and also kills him with ease. In other words, shade was ok~ish on the weak side before, now it seems like a class that you play if you want to make legend even harder,especially if you try to utilize the careers traits.


No idea how you play Shade, but if you do a charged attack on a CW during Infiltrate you don’t even need a backstab bonus. You will oneshot a CW even from the front. Maybe don’t just spam light attacks ?
And yes Shade is one of the careers that makes things harder than they have to be because other careers do the same thing better.
Also backstab is a terrible mechanic and doesn’t synergise at all with the vermintide style combat.

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I do charged attacks almost exclusively,please don’t insult me.
also,no,I can’t kill CW with one hit, even with infiltrate no matter if it’s backstab or headshot.Doesn’t do it(600 PW)

I am not trying to insult you.
I literally tried it again just for you.
Shade 600pl tested in legend matches with Dual Daggers and Sword and Dagger, both easy one shots with infiltrate from the front.
I even went to the dummies to test the numbers again (no backstab bonus on dummies).
You still easily hit for around 180 damage on dual weapons and up to damage cap of 255 with 2 handed weapons on armored enemies without any backstab bonus. A CW has 120 HP if I remember correctly, so that is more than enough damage to one shot them.
(On non armored targets, which are most bosses dual weapons are better because you hit for the damage cap anyway so the 2 hits add up for more damage)
If you use Dagger and Sword maybe don’t use the slashing power attack ?
Slashing moves do crap damage vs armor. Hit the air with the first power attack and then do the damage with the stab power attack.
Every weapon will do twice the amount of damage to armored targets during Infiltrate with a poke/stab power attack compared to a slashing power attack. (Exception is the overhead Glaive slash follow up after a power attack which does insane armor piercing damage always)
And if that is to difficult maybe change the weapon ?
Dual Daggers easily oneshot anything on the first power attack during Infiltrate.
Shade has its problems, but sorry this honestly sounds like a player problem and not a Shade problem.

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From my expirience it oneshots even with 450 power with charged dagger attack to chaos knight face.

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Yeah daggers do it pretty easily.
I think the problem was that he is using Dagger and Sword and the first slash power attack with it does crappy damage vs armored targets (You won’t one shot CWs with it on 600pl). The second poke/stab power attack is compareable to Dual Dagger and should be easy CW oneshot even on lower power levels.

That’s probably what I’m doing wrong.Thanks. Kinda forgot that I won’t do much against CW with a slash and I’m too used to dual daggers which both stab.I guess I’ll just go back to them :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant in v1

And this is a real problem with alot of folks asking for changes or citing issues. You were on legend, didnt understand your weapon, and was levying criticisms at the patch based on that lack of understanding.

Shows a lack of testing and humility, you just automatically assumed it was a game issue. Also shows that the hardest difficulty is evidently not requiring a thorough knowledge of the game.

I understand the mistake and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, happens to us all. The issue I have is the immediate assumption it’s the games fault combined with a lack of testing. My first assumption is always that it is my fault, because it almost always is.

I do agree with you, but a few top players/streamers who’ve sunk thousands of hours into VT1 and are still playing VT2 all say the same thing. Legend mode on Beta is not fun. Good weapons became better and bad weapons became worse. Also, the cleave/stagger nerf is a horrible idea. When Sienna can tank a horde better than your actual tanks, there’s an issue.