I've read about a balance patch. Where is it?

Well funny thing is, people told me ingame that it is already live. I really loved VT1 and can hardly like VT2. Thats for several reasons and mostly it’s balancing. Not between classes but melee and ranged gameplay. In VT1 you could clear out some vermins at range, maybe some specials in a group and then you had to switch to melee because either you’d run out of ammo or you were just inefficent.
In VT2 however nearly everything is killed at range. Which is not only boring for people who have weaker ranged gameplay but also for thos who slay vermins - hold your left mouse button or hit it over and over again.

Also Legend feels like a bad joke compared to Cataclysm. I played last night while quite drunk and we still had no problems finishing any map (and no, I did not die all the time and still dealt decent damage). I still remember playing Nightmare because Cataclysm always felt hard. Legend does not but feels like a bad joke.

Over all I’m really disappointed that the balancing from VT1, which was great, is not yet in VT2. It still feels like a 0815 shooter where you could replace the beam staff with a M4 or the Flamethrower with a Chainsaw. It doesn’t feel great overall.

I’d really like to see a balance patch that adresses the following:

  • By far superior ranged gameplay
  • Weak melee gameplay
  • strange hostile hit ranges (a knife has a longer range than a spear?)
  • Boring Legend

Legend is feeling a bit easy right now, but that’s because they’ve actually balanced all the melee weapons and made them useful, along with giving a bit better dodge times to help with latency. Seriously; in VT1 Saltzpyre had ONE good melee weapon, the Falchion. Now every single weapon he has is pretty damn good. Same for pretty much every character.

Ranged is still strong, yeah, but not nearly as strong as it was. The Big Balance Patch was aimed at helping melee weapons, overall, but they’re gonna do more balance patches. If you’re roflstomping Legend while drunk, then try some of the harder deeds or modded difficulties like Onslaught or Deathwish.

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