As someone who came from VT2

I am not sure i can stomach having to go through another cycle of knee jerk nerfs, bad decision making, poorly implemented game mechanics, combined with bugs and crashes.

We already did this song and dance with VT2, remember?

I might have been to optimistic but i was expecting something a bit more substantial, and perhaps more player friendly, for a game that has been delayed as much as this one.

Did you learn nothing from the development cycle and release of your previous games?

There are many game mechanics that people just did not enjoy or found to be annoying and a waste of time during the beta, yet you fail to address them, and in some cases double down on them.

There is a good game underneath all of this, hell, it might even be a great game, but its being hamstrung by questionable design decisions and busywork mechanics.


give me back my VT2 melee or I will riot

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The melee in Darktide is pretty good despite blocking bring linked to stamina. I personally enjoy weapon specials (although some being VERY lackluster).

Blocking was linked to stamina in VT2 as well. My problem is that dodging is nerfed heavily, including halting your stamina regeneration.

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Sadly this is better than i expected the launch to go

I think the overall mechanics are fine, just in need of some work. I think it’s the state of the game itself in terms of priorities and performance.

They made a fully functional, and expensive, in-game store that demands too much cash for cosmetics which look ok at best, but couldn’t implement a furnished crafting system.

Also, the game runs like diarrhea.


Yeah they’re fine, it’s just that they’re worse than VT2. It’s the same system, just dumbed down.


The ranged is a lot better than VT :). But yeah, I would have hoped that the melee would be at least as good, and currently it’s not. With that said, I find it difficult to judge completely because I’m still at lower difficulty levels (coming from Cataclysm in VT) and even in VT you can just plow through the easier difficulty settings without ever noticing the fancy mechanics underneath. May be the same here, but I currently don’t know.

I was specifically referring to melee combat, though to be honest I’m not even sure that the ranged combat is better. It’s at least not as powerful in many cases, there’s nothing with the horde clear of griffonfoot pistols for example. Though again, I don’t give a hoot, I am entirely focused on getting melee brought up to the VT2 standard. I’ll worry about other things afterwards.

Ranged combat feels kinda sluggish tbh, there is noticeable drag when moving your gun around, its not snappy to say the least. So when you combine this with suppression mechanics and slow weapon swap mechanics, its kinda meh.

This game is not player-friendly. They have taken some big steps backwards from Vermintide and thats a real shame. No account wide resources, not letting us craft weapons, it all feels like an artificially imposed grind, and thats just not fun.

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I hear you man, Vermintide 1 and 2 were just amazing games that I felt were always worth putting time in, Darktide is giving me crossout/ Destiny vibes between the cash shop and the “season pass” crap they’re doing. On top of the horrible mission select RNG, I just miss being able to pick what maps and missions I could play.