Love to see a melee version of this game

in the title really. maybe for v3 you would consider a melee based mode? i mean i know you can play it in this one but its just wandering around watching things die to the three ranged people your grouped with and i dont think its a lot of fun

But how are you supposed to fight specials without a ranged weapon? Playing slayer vs specials requires the use of the abbitlity and messes up your positioning.
I think the game allready is pretty balanced, a group with 3 guys wielding anti infantry weapons will have a hard time in the higher game modes same as a group without ranged weapons (or without ammo).

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Sure, on lower difficulties ranged is OP. But once you get to Legend-Cata it’s fine.

Not really sure how they can address it on Champ and below. As with the right build, you can take WS with swift bow, hold W and left click, run to the end XD


I’ll have to disagree with you, at least about Legend. (No WoM DLC for me, so no experience with Cata.) I think Legend used to be fine, but 2.0 revived the ranged meta big-time. Partly through some new ammo sustain skills that were even more OP than before, partly by nerfing temp health so much that you’re not missing out on temp HP by focusing on ranged, because you weren’t going to get any noticeable temp HP anyway, and partly by the buggy unpredictability of melee combat that strongly encouraged use of ranged attacks. That last part seems much improved in the most recent patch, but the other two points are still going strong.

2.0 bringing back the ranged meta is actually one of the reasons that I prefer 1.6, even after the recent fixes to make 2.x at least feel like it’s finally out of beta.

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What? Thats load of BS :smiley: only ranged character that are more effective than melee is ws and maybe sienna and still pyro and unchained is faster clear in melee than ranged most of times. BH can spamalot but I dont see good bh lately and good player already know that horde cleaning is often better doing at melee because of insane ff from bh

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think it largely depends on who you play with it can be frustrating as bardin Slayer/kerillian Shade to eventually be allowed to pounce on some unsuspecting elite only to see it crumple to someone elses bow. I wonder if they could put a mission that is more about stealth, still dont know why we are saying v3, if you use guns/bows/spells it alerts a horde or an enemy you really dont want to draw attention of… basically its all about melee silently quickly taking out enemies before they alert more or you alert more by shooting… pretty sure there a few minons of chaos that our heroes would rather not raise the attention of…

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I also think that ranged combat is fine at the moment. And to answer to the main topic first , a only melee mode would be a nice addition as maybe a mutator for deeds/weaves or something. Some sort of special challenge where you have to come up with the right strategy to master.

To the discussion about the overall state of ranged combat. I think its actually fine on Legend+Cata just like SmokerT69 said. The range of damage and number of enemys gives enough material for all jobs to shine (especially end game stat screens reveal that there is actually a nice balance with the right falloffs for high cc and tank characters).

I think the overall topic is highy subjective. Porbably its dependant on your main class because i actually notice a difference in my perception of team ranged combat when i switch between Inronbreaker and Waystalker.

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I play mainly Slayer.
You definetly need to know your ways in dodging , pushing and then counter-attacking those disablers.
But it is so satisfying tho! Just imagine an Assassin jumping at you. You dodging to the side and readying your Great axe like a Baseball bat! A shame Assassins don’t loose limbs…

More annoying are as you said Gun-Rats, Flamethrowers and Gasrats. Those can be dangerous and you probably will need your special ability for an easy gap-closer.

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